Brandy and Ray J’s Hilarious Cooking Fail on ‘My Kitchen Rules’

On Thursday’s premiere of My Kitchen Rules, Brandy and Ray J had comedian Andrew Dice Clay, country legend Naomi Judd, and singer Lance Bass over for a cooking competition. Sadly, the two were woefully unprepared for the competition. When asked if they’d cooked their appetizer of bacon-wrapped prawns before, they both responded with an enthusiastic, “Hell no.”

Brandy seemed to be the star of the kitchen, despite Ray J’s meddling. Ray J said, “I’ve always been a Robin in the kitchen and Brandy has always been the Batman.”

He insisted on wrapping the prawns, but Brandy took on that job. After a fuss, they cooked the prawns in the oven.

Sadly, the appetizer wasn’t a hit. Celebrity judge Curtis Stone said, “The problem for me is you need to get the bacon nice and crispy, and you need the shrimp to be beautiful and moist. What we’ve ended up with is the shrimp is very tough.”

They were able to turn the night around with their entree, thanks to their short rib.

My Kitchen Rules airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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