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The Bradshaw Family Opens Up About the Tragic Loss of a Family Member to a Drug Overdose

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  • Terry Bradshaw
    Terry Bradshaw
    American football quarterback

Terry Bradshaw and his family have an important mission on tonight's all-new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch.

The NFL legend is attending an annual gala for the 525 Foundation, an organization dedicated to educating people and raising awareness about the dangers of alcohol and prescription drug misuse and abuse. Joined by his wife Tammy, daughter Lacey and her husband Noah in this sneak peek clip, Terry tells a reporter at the event that he first learned about the foundation through Tammy, whose son, Cody, tragically died of an overdose.

"Tonight, my daughter will be speaking so that means the world," he adds, eventually taking the stage to introduce Lacey himself.

Then, in front of the gala's audience, Lacey begins.

"It was a beautiful sunny morning and I got a phone call from my dad, and he says, 'Well, we lost your brother last night,'" she recalls. "My logical response was 'Well, where'd you lose him?' Of course, he said to me 'No, we lost him last night of a drug overdose.'"

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Lacey and her mother are both emotional as she continues to speak, remembering her brother as "smart and funny and just the life of every room he walked into."

"He just had this energy that people would gravitate towards," she says, adding that his death "just didn't make sense" as he had no history of addiction or drug abuse. "It was just one night, one mistake and that's all it took."

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By telling Cody's story, Lacey hopes to prevent any similar tragedies.

"If I could just save one sister from getting to miss hating her brother's girlfriends, it would all be worth it for me," she says with a smile. "That's how I'm trying to make change here."

Terry applauds Lacey in a confessional, telling her, "I was really honored that you asked me to help you but you went out there and you took ownership of everything that you had to deliver. And it was really good."

She insists that she couldn't have done it without him, and when he pushes back, she adds, "Well I wouldn't have wanted to."

Watch the complete preview above, and don't miss tonight's heartfelt episode of The Bradshaw Bunch.