Brad Pitt Is ‘Happy To Live’ With Girlfriend Ines de Ramon: ‘On Top of The World Again’

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Brad Pitt is reportedly "smitten" with his girlfriend Ines de Ramon and feels even happier since they began living together. Their serious relationship marks Pitt's first since his divorce from Angelina Jolie.

Described as kind and special, de Ramon has brought back Pitt's spark. However, Jolie allegedly maintains strict boundaries regarding their children, forbidding contact with de Ramon.

Brad Pitt Is 'Smitten' With Girlfriend Ines de Ramon

Brad Pitt Is Marriage ‘Ready’ But Wants Girlfriend Ines De Ramon To Sign 'Ironclad Prenup' To Safeguard His Fortune

According to a source for People magazine, Pitt is completely "smitten" with his de Ramon, and their cohabitation in his California residence has only made him feel "on top of the world again."

The source revealed that the "Bullet Train" star "has a cheeky smile" whenever he's around his girlfriend.

Describing their relationship as serious, the source continued: "He is happy to live with her too. They were spending a lot of time at Brad's. It only made sense for her to move in."

De Ramon marks Pitt's "first girlfriend" since his tumultuous divorce from his "Mr and Mrs Smith" co-star Angelina Jolie.

"Their relationship is serious. This is Brad's first girlfriend since the divorce. He didn't settle, and it's paying off. He loves dating Ines," the insider added.

A source previously told the news outlet that de Ramon helped Pitt find his "spark again," noting that "It's truly amazing to see. Brad's a great guy. He deserves to be happy."

Brad Pitt And Ines de Ramon's Relationship

Brad Pitt at the Babylon Paris Premiere at Le Grand Rex cinema

Pitt and de Ramon were first seen together in November 2022, reportedly already in a relationship for several months.

The couple was allegedly introduced by a mutual acquaintance, and they immediately hit it off. However, at the time, a source close to the "Troy" actor revealed that it was not an "exclusive relationship," adding, "Ines is cute, fun and energetic. She has a great personality. Brad enjoys spending time with her."

The couple has since taken the next step in their relationship, with the 60-year-old inviting de Ramon to various high-profile gatherings and eventually asking her to move in with him in Los Angeles.

Prior to her involvement with Pitt, de Ramon, head of wholesale for Anita Ko Jewelry, was married to "Vampire Diaries" star Paul Wesley before they split in 2022. Pitt was also married to Jolie before their bitter divorce in 2016.

Angelina Jolie Reportedly Forbids The Actor's Girlfriend To Interact With Their Children

Brad Pitt Challenges Angelina Jolies' Victory In Child Custody Case

However, as Pitt's relationship with de Ramon evolves, Jolie reportedly maintains strict boundaries regarding their children.

A source reveals to In Touch that the "Maleficent" star prohibits her children from interacting with de Ramon, although the jewelry designer would like to meet them.

"There's no doubt Ines wants to meet the children, but she knows Brad has to do whatever it takes to see them without trouble from Angelina," the insider said. Eyewitnesses who spoke to the outlet claimed that de Ramon always leaves Brad's Los Feliz, California, residence 20 minutes before his children arrive, ensuring no contact.

Jolie's control reportedly extends to their custody arrangement, with the "Fight Club" star having no say in introducing his kids to his girlfriend of two years. According to the National Enquirer, Pitt is "walking on eggshells to avoid additional tensions with Angie."

The source went on to explain that Jolie is "not just the kids' mother, she's their best friend."

"Can you imagine what a meeting would be like between the kids and Ines?" they added.

Brad Pitt Prepares For F1 Racing Role

Brad Pitt at the Los Angeles Premiere Of Sony Pictures' 'Bullet Train'

In addition to his evolving relationship, Pitt is gearing up for new projects. Among them is "Wolfs," slated for release in 2024, where he reunites with George Clooney from the Ocean's franchise. Additionally, the Academy Award winner is diving into the world of F1 racing in an upcoming movie, co-starring Javier Bardem.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Pitt shared insights into his character in the film, stating: "I would be a guy who raced in the '90s. He has a horrible crash and kind of craps out and disappears and then is racing in other disciplines."

He continued: "Then his friend, played by Javier Bardem, is the team owner. They're the last place team, they're 21, 22 on the grid, they've never scored a point and they have a young phenom played by Damson Idris and he brings me in as kind of a Hail Mary and hijinks ensure."

"Tell you what's amazing about it, you'll see the cameras come out all over the car, the shots you've never seen speed, you've never seen G forces like this, it's really, really exciting," he added.