Brad Pitt Foundation Settles Post-Katrina Housing Development Lawsuit for $20.5 Million

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Brad Pitt’s charitable Make It Right foundation on Thursday settled a lawsuit brought in 2018 by residents of a housing development that was built after Hurricane Katrina in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans.

In a release obtained by People, the $20.5 million settlement was described as “[resolving] outstanding issues in the litigation over homes in the Make It Right development in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans.”

Thanks to the settlement, which will be managed by California-based nonprofit organization Global Green, homeowners can each be reimbursed for $25,000 for past repairs, according to The Associated Press.

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In a statement, Pitt said, “Hopefully this agreement will allow everyone to look ahead to other opportunities to continue to strengthen this proud community.”

The actor thanked Global Green for its “willingness to step up and provide this important support for the Lower Ninth families… we are very fortunate to have Global Green’s generous continuing commitment to help address the challenges around these homes and others in need,” Pitt stated.

Global Green CEO William Bridge said in the release that the company “has had an ongoing positive working relationship with Mr. Pitt since [2006] and has always been impressed with his commitment to the people of New Orleans. We were incredibly pleased when he came to us asking for assistance in resolving this matter and as part of our overall mission, look forward to helping restore the homes of the Lower 9th Ward.”

The Make It Right Foundation was sued over claims the houses were “were deficiently constructed and built.” The foundation, in turn, sued its former executive architect, John Williams, for monetary damages to remediate and repair the homes, which had such issues as mold, mildew, water leaks, electrical fires, and faulty ventilation.

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