Brad Pitt Debuts New Skin Care Line, Credits Ex Gwyneth Paltrow for Getting Him to Wash His Face

Brad Pitt attends the Los Angeles Premiere Of Columbia Pictures' "Bullet Train"
Brad Pitt attends the Los Angeles Premiere Of Columbia Pictures' "Bullet Train"

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Brad Pitt has entered the skincare chat.

The actor and director announced his new collection, called Le Domaine Skincare, in an interview with British Vogue and opened up about his own skincare routine and which one of his famous exes influenced his brand — and his beauty routine.

"I love what Gwyneth [Paltrow]'s done [with Goop]," he told the magazine of starting his celebrity-fronted line. "She is still a really dear friend, and she has built this empire. She has always had that in her as a curator, and it's been a lovely creative outlet for her. In fact, come to think about it, she was probably the first one who got me to even wash my face twice a day… maybe."

Pitt, 58, wanted to make it clear, though, that despite this being his brand (which he created with the help of the Perrin family of vintners), he is not the face of the brand. He is, however, the driving force behind the products' creation, which use grape-based antioxidants from Chateau Miraval, allowing him to combine his knowledge and love of wine with his new foray into skincare.

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Calling Chateau Miraval — the estate in the South of France he purchased a stake in with ex-wife Angelina Jolie in 2008 — a "hub of creativity," Pitt said it only made sense to have it be the home of Le Domaine Skincare as well. But he knows as well as anyone that the skincare market is saturated and wanted to bring something to the table that would work.

"I know there are new products nearly every day that people are trying to launch, but if I hadn't seen a real difference visually in my skin, we wouldn't have bothered," he said.

"I get sent stuff all the time and… ugh. It's just all the same for me," he continued. "But this last year we have been testing Le Domaine and I was really surprised by the results, and that for me, made it worth going forward."

Pitt admitted, though, that he has a simple skincare routine for himself, and while Paltrow may have been the one to convince him to more thoroughly wash his face, he credited his longtime makeup artist friend Jean Black for helping him keep it up.

"Well, when I'm looked after, I do [have a good skincare routine]," he said. "I just want to keep it simple, you know what I mean? That said, I'm actually thorough now. I've been whipped into shape by my dear make-up artist friend — we started together 30 years ago — Jean Black. She is pretty special. So whenever we're on a film she keeps me healthy, and then she's like, 'try this,' and, 'try that.'"

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brad pitt
brad pitt

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Brad Pitt

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"I got a morning wash, I do my serum, I do my day cream, and I'm done. I'm out the door," he added in a video with the outlet on his skincare routine, making it sound easy breezy. "Then at night, I do my wash — I am committed to the wash — I do my serum, and I do the night cream. Done."

With Le Domaine Skincare, Pitt wanted to promote a healthy way of taking care of your skin but is wary of the "anti-aging" label. The genderless collection, which includes a serum, cream and emulsion, does speak to anti-aging, but Pitt told British Vogue he doesn't want to be "running from aging."

"I grew up with a country mentality, kind of you know, Dial Soap once a day and then move on," he shared. "And I think that we're learning that if we love ourselves, if we treat ourselves a little better, then there are long lasting benefits to that. So just age healthy, age in a healthy manner."

The collection, ranging from $80 to $380, is genderless, and Pitt wants everyone to feel confident in using it. He said he made sure the scent was very subtle, because he personally gets overwhelmed by smells. A feeling of inclusivity is something that was important to him in creating Le Domaine Skincare and also encouraging men to take care of their skin.

Le Domaine Skincare is available to shop online now, and products will begin shipping Oct. 1.