Watch This Hilarious 'Seinfeld' Supercut of Kramer Stealing Jerry's Food

·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Hide your shredded coconut if Cosmo Kramer is around!

There's an awesome new supercut from Seinfeld of all the times Kramer has stolen food from Jerry. We knew the man liked to eat, but the video proves just how much the wacky, big-haired across-the-hall neighbor mooched off of Jerry over the years.

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"Got any… " Kramer asks, as he skids into Jerry's apartment. He finishes that question with any number of food items, from mini-ritzes to pickles to the aforementioned shredded coconut.

"Oooh! Chinese food! I know I smelled something," Kramer declares after bursting into Jerry's pad again.

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And the guy isn't picky — he'll swallow down expired milk and add tomato juice to cereal! Oh, except for Dijon mustard… you can't have a sandwich without Dijon!