Shia LaBeouf's Paper Bag Head Is Meme Gold

While Shia LaBeouf may insist (again and again and again) that he is simply "not famous anymore," the internet collectively begs to differ today.

Thanks to his red carpet antics at Sunday night's Berlin Film Festival premiere of Lars Von Trier's "Nymphomaniac: Part 1," the 27-year-old actor now finds himself where many a colleague has been before: the target of proliferating, hilarious meme fare.

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LaBeouf wore a brown paper bag on his head — a stark contrast to his otherwise debonair tuxedo ensemble to say the least — which boasted his repeated claim to sudden anonymity. Only, instead of shielding him from any supposedly unwanted attention, the web has responded with gusto akin to the likes of Angelina Jolie's Academy Awards Leg and Beyonce as the Incredible Hulk.

Some suggest that LaBeouf is playing at something along the lines of what Joaquin Phoenix did back in late 2008, when he claimed to retire from acting to pursue a rap career as a part of his critically panned documentary-style film with brother-in-law Casey Affleck, "I'm Still Here."

Others, however, insist his bag trick is a thinly veiled attempt to secure more attention — in other words, to remedy this little problem of him not being famous anymore.

Whatever the reason, before Berlinale, LaBeouf had repeated his "I am not famous anymore" phrase on his Twitter page nearly two dozen times before resorting to his bag of trick.

Twitter, in turn, has answered back, calling his action a pure copycat move (a nod to his recent admission to having plagiarized graphic novelist Daniel Clowes, which he apologized for by way of cloud message).

Some also saw fit to retrofit a few "Transformers" movie moments with this new signature look just for autobot-sized kicks.

Others came up with their own creative ways to have fun with LaBeouf’s bag trick. The common theme of this meme is that Shia LaBeouf, whether he likes it or not, is famous ... if not infamous.

Yahoo Movies couldn't help from getting in on the action, too: