Seven Wonders Power Predictions for the 'American Horror Story: Coven' Finale

·Joyce Edwards

SPOILER ALERT: This recap for the "Go to Hell" episode of "American Horror Story: Coven" contains storyline and character spoilers.

The coven is prepping for the start of a new era that doesn't include Fiona, Laveau, or Delphine. In a complete whirlwind of an episode, the witches start to rapidly discover new powers, while their elders bide their time in hell.

Laveau and Delphine are humorously each other's own personal hell, and are subjected to each other for eternity (thanks to Queenie and Legba). Meanwhile, the Axeman killed Fiona and fed her to gators after realizing she was going to leave him. Though we don't know for certain, it's safe to assume she's in hell, too.

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With one episode left, "American Horror Story: Coven" is sure to unveil the next Supreme through the Seven Wonders — a test that challenges the seven powers possessed only by the next witch in charge. While all of the witches will take the test, only one will survive and become the Supreme.

Who's most likely to be the Supreme? And which tests will the witches survive? Let's take a look back and see exactly who the frontrunners really are. Below are some of the standout powers we remember, but be sure to tell us your own predictions in the comments!


Telekinesis is considered both levitation and the power of moving physical objects with your mind. We've seen Madison use telekinesis on the bus of college bros, but more recently all of the witches used telekinesis in unison to throw the Axeman onto the stairs. Queenie also probably used this power most strongly when moving the bricks to rescue Misty from her tomb. So this power is a wash, and will probably be one of the first powers tested in next week's finale.


Concilium is basically mind control, a power we've seen Laveau use against the guards when stealing a baby from the hospital and Fiona use countless times to get her way. Nan used mind control on Luke's mom, Joan Ramsey, to force her to drink bleach — but is there any way Nan could be resurged in time for the Seven Wonders?


Transmutation, as explained by "Horror Story," is the ability to transport around a space. In this week's episode, we see Madison transmutate around her bedroom in an avoidance maneuver as Cordelia tries to test her clairvoyance by touching Madison to trigger the power. Have we seen this power in the past?

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Divination is similar to clairvoyance, a power that we have seen pretty often. Zoe and Misty have both been clairvoyant this season, with perfect coincidences occurring in their favor, such as spell books opening to the correct page and seeing a warning before Hank attacked the bog. The heavyweight in this category is definitely Cordelia, with her recently regained second sight. Cordelia is able to see the truth in both the future and the past through touch, which has been an invaluable asset for the coven.

Vitalium Vitalis

Vitalium vitalis is explained as "the balancing of scales between one life force and another." Essentially, life is transmitted between two people (or witches), and the properties are very similar to the power of resurgence that we've seen all season. So far, Misty, Zoe, and Madison have used the power of resurgence. However, in this week's episode, Queenie whispers "vitalium vitalis" to Misty as a means to revive her. Queenie seems to be the only witch who has used vitalium vitalis in its exact practice, but will that change in the finale?


Descensum is "descent into the netherworlds of afterlife" and the ability to go back and forth between the afterlife and the present day. Papa Legba is the deity who controls this transitory world, and he used descensum to transport Laveau and Delphine into their personal hells. Queenie successfully used descensum to try to reach Papa Legba, and in the process she saw her hell — working in a fried-chicken fast-food restaurant.


Pyrokinesis is the practice of lighting things on fire with your mind. Resident bad girl Madison has had plenty of fun using pyrokinesis to showcase her strength as a witch. But who else might have the power of pyrokinesis? Do candles just flicker in Zoe's presence, or does she have this power as well?

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