See It First! Haley Reinhart Is an Alien Goddess In New Space Jam 'Show Me Your Moves'

Lyndsey Parker
·Editor in Chief, Yahoo Music

Haley Reinhart returns! The sassy rocker chick of American Idol Season 10 has tapped into her devoted fanbase and "Reinharted" her way back into the music scene, using Indiegogo to fund her new video, "Show Me Your Moves." And Yahoo Music's Reality Rocks is thrilled to premiere the eye-popping, super-funky result right here.

"To sum up the message of the video, I'm from another planet," Haley tells Yahoo Music. "I was sent to Earth in order to challenge people to show me their moves: their inner talent and passions. Once I have been heard and my work has been accomplished, I ascend back to my natural habitat shedding love, light, and inspiration to all."

With Haley quite convincingly cast as an alien (or "Halien") goddess, the "Show Me Your Moves" video is truly out of this world.

"What started out as just an idea between my friend Danni G. (The Movement Artist) and me quickly evolved into a 40-person production," Haley says. "He not only directed, but performed with his Cyr wheel to boot. It was an 18-hour shoot at the plane graveyard in the Mojave Desert. We were told to beware of everything from rattlesnakes to the firing range off in the distance. Danger never felt so good! We all jumped on top of a massive plane wing to get some unforgettable footage. The fear of the wind taking us right over the edge made it that much more exhilarating."

Featuring a cast of SYTYCD-worthy neon rave dancers and a cameo from Haley's Idol BFF and frequent duet partner Casey Abrams (and his Gingerbread Band), the colorful clip is a showcase for Haley's true talents, free of label constraints — a labor of love for the fans who've stuck by her ever since her underdog Idol days.

"I owe this video to the fans,” Haley says. "I put up my campaign on Indiegogo and thought of some creative perks, not knowing what kind of result I'd get. The fans helped me go above and beyond my funding goal, with over $36,000 donated! I even have four of these amazing fans in the video, as one of the perks allowed."

Watch this space for more news about Haley's forthcoming sophomore album, and check out the "Show Me Your Moves" video here first. The song is also available on iTunes as of today, July 30.

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