Mick’s Kids: As A Rolling Stone Turns 69, A Look At All Seven Junior Jaggers

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Mick Jagger is turning 69, and chances are he won't be getting nearly as many ties from his kids as most men of his age. Whatever his children get him (maybe something from the Skinny Jeans for Seniors department at Dolce & Gabbana?), there will be a lot of boxes to open.

Jagger has seven offspring from four mothers, ranging in age from 41 to 13. The one thing they have in common is that they are all very, very pretty, as you might guess, given the fact that most of Mick's mates have been models and he, himself, was often complimented in his '60s salad days on his girlish good looks.

Back in the day, the Rolling Stones used to inspire people to say—in jest or in earnest—"Hide your daughters!" But now it's time for us to say to Jagger, "Bring out your daughters… and sons," as we use the occasion of his birthday to survey Mick's Kids.

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Here's a shocker: He may be a bit on the lenient side. "My dad's not a very intimidating father figure," teenager Georgia May Jagger admitted in an interview accompanying her modeling layout in Harper's Bazaar two years ago.

"These are siblings who share a notorious father, but they deal with each other in beautiful ways," said Marsha Hunt, mother of the eldest of them, a few years ago—pointing out that all the kids showed up for her daughter's wedding. "I remember standing up and saying something important: that modern life has created new kinds of families, and the crucial thing is to do the best you can with that...Mick is a grandfather, and he's a good one."


(Mother: Marsha Hunt)

Marsha Hunt, then a model as well as actress in the musical Hair, had a semi-secretive love affair of a little less than a year with Jagger and is said to have inspired the song "Brown Sugar." But there wasn't much sweetness to her relationship with Jagger after their daughter was born in November of 1970. He refused to publicly acknowledge paternity or pay child support for years, and Hunt filed a paternity suit in 1972. It heated up in 1978 when she enlisted famous "palimony" lawyer Marvin Mitchelson, and the following year Jagger was ordered to pay child support. Remarkably, since then, relations between Mom and Dad have apparently been cordial, and Mick's role in Karis's life has grown.

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"Whatever happened with Mick, she went on to have such a fabulous life," Marsha Hunt said in a 2008 interview with the Daily Mail. "Now he can really appreciate who she is and what she has become. I know that she would be a different person had he been around all the time, and, in a way, with hindsight, I can say, 'Wasn't it lucky that he wasn't there.'… She was 12—formed—when they got to know each other. What are you going to do to a child of 12? You are going to have some influence, but there is already some core stuff pulled together by then…I have no idea how different things would have been if Mick had been part of her life, but I know that the influence of celebrity and all that goes with it is difficult for children."

The only Jagger daughter not to go into modeling. Karis has been the most publicity-averse and interview-shy of Mick's offspring. Another daughter, Georgia May, has said, "Karis is like the star of the family because she went to Yale." She graduated with a history degree in 1992 (with Dad in attendance at the commencement) and went on to become a film production assistant. She's also volunteered as a teacher in Harlem, among other philanthropic projects. Since marrying in 2000, she and husband Jonathan Watson have given Jagger two grandchildren.


(Mother: Bianca Jagger)

Jagger's eight-year marriage to Nicaragua-born model Bianca De Macias made them rock's royal couple of the 1970s. But amazingly, it produced only one child, very early in their union—amazing, at least, rated against the output that Jagger would later go on to have with second wife Jerry Hall. Jade was born less than a year after Karis; later in their lives, the two half-sisters became close, with Jade serving as the maid of honor at Karis's wedding.

In the tradition of her mother, Jade has often been referred to as a "socialite" while building her jewelry brands. She formed Jade Inc., a fashion brand, at age 24 and became creative director at Garrard Jewellers in London at 30 before founding another brand named after herself: Jezebel. Most recently, London's Independent reported she was "working on a tower of luxury residences in Mumbai." Unmarried and now living with her two daughters in Ibiza, she's also modeled, naturally, appearing on the covers of British GQ and Tatler. In 2003, while dating DJ Dan Williams, she made the tabloids for "throwing herself" at Pharrell Williams. "She couldn't wait to get my clothes off," Williams said. "She's one demanding lady."

"I'm not a trust-fund child," she declared last year. "I think that my father's got a healthy work ethic, and therefore, I think that it just came with the part; you've got to look after yourself. And it probably came more so from having [two] kids, and wanting to support them, and look after them and give them the best I could." She described twice-a-year get-togethers with Mick's extended family: "I think we are actually remarkably functional…I think it's a high priority for my dad, keeping his quite large family together...They're getting bigger and bigger. Each generation keeps coming up. The next top model and the next grandchild."

Jade got married June 29, to DJ/promoter Adrian Fillary. Mick -- resplendent in a striped purple suit -- gave away the bride, with both of his wives, Bianca and Jerry Hall, in attendance.


(Mother: Jerry Hall)

Jagger spent most of the '80s and '90s with towering model Jerry Hall. Together, they produced two sons about whom not much is known and two daughters about whom just about everything is known. Besides both singing backing vocals on Dad's last solo album, 2001's Goddess In The Doorway, Elizabeth (or "Lizzie") and Georgia May are both successful models. "Lizzie is my absolute best friend," says Georgia May.

Lizzie has been a model for Lancome in Paris, Victoria's Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, and H&M, and she recently appeared on the cover of the Sunday Times' Style supplement in London. In a brief attempt at acting, she had a role in the 2002 indie film Igby Goes Down. She's also posed with Theodora Richards, daughter of Keith, for the cover of Nylon magazine. Reportedly, Lizzie dated Sean Lennon at one point.

Georgia May has been even more visible, having been named "Model Of The Year" by the British Fashion Council in 2010. She's appeared in ads for Louis Vuitton, Versace, Hudson Jeans (topless, with her arms placed strategically), and Rimmel London, as well as walking the runway for Chanel. She's been linked with musician Django Stewart, son of Dave Stewart, the co-founder of Eurythmics and Mick's partner in SuperHeavy.

Georgia May has also been on the cover of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Speaking with the latter magazine, she said that a new line of designer jeans with her name on them were influenced by ""the men's Wranglers my mum used to wear. And I have to say Guns N' Roses really inspired them as well." More inspired by Axl than Dad? Ouch. Describing her father's stage wardrobe, she said, "It looks iconic in pictures, but up close, they're terrible, covered in plastic beads meant to look like rhinestones. My dad has more sparkly stuff than most men."

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As for the boys? James has been said to harbor acting aspirations, and got some attention for being linked to Alexandra Richards, daughter of you-know-who. But what visibility he's gotten has mainly been by being the singer/guitarist of a punk band called Turbogeist.

"I know people will recognize my name; that's pretty impossible to avoid," James told Spinner when their first recording came out in 2010. "I have no shame about my background and I'm not shying away from it, but I'd rather be judged personally on my own merit." Having grown up more with his mother than father, he said he wasn't particularly Stones-inspired. "I didn't grow up in a rock 'n' roll world," he insisted. "I went to some concerts as a kid, but I was more impressed by the lighting and the rigging than I was by the music. I'd usually fall asleep by the time the show would even start." In concert, when it comes to covers, Turbogeist avoids the Stones, instead reinterpreting the Replacements' "I Hate Music."

News on Gabriel, who's still in school, is nearly non-existent, meanwhile. But he's a talented painter…at least according to Mick's current live-in partner, fashion designer L'Wren Scott, who, in a spring Vogue profile, pointed out a portrait Gabriel had painted of sister Georgia May that was sitting on their mantel.


(Mother: Luciana Giminez Morad)

Lucas is renowned as the boy who broke up Jagger and Jerry Hall, after she was handed a newspaper bearing a headline about the birth of a out-of-wedlock child he hadn't informed her about. Jagger had a very brief dalliance with a Brazilian model after a Stones concert in Rio de Janeiro. Learning about the child that came out of that possible one-night-stand was the last straw for Hall, who describes Jagger as a "dangerous sexual predator" in her autobiography. Jagger and the boy's mother (who has since married) don't appear to have much to do with one another, but Mick has frequently been photographed meeting with his youngest son, who really does spookily look like a pubescent version of the world's ultimate rock star.