Joe Pesci Wants At Least $3 Million Of ‘Gotti’ Cash For His Weight Gain

We're not saying that Joe Pesci is maybe getting a little content in his old age, but do you realize he has made two movies in 13 years? After "Lethal Weapon 4" in 1998, he essentially retired, showing up only in a walk-on role in Robert DeNiro's "The Good Shepherd" before a "comeback" performance in Taylor Hackford's derided "Love Ranch" last year. The guy mostly just hangs out these days, hosting golf tournaments and enjoying life. But as he approaches his 70th birthday, he has made a decision to get back into acting, with "Love Ranch" just an intro: His big return was supposed to be in the long-delayed, troubled "Gotti," with Barry Levinson directing Al Pacino, Lindsay Lohan and John Travolta (as the Teflon Don himself). Pesci was supposed to be in the movie. He might still be. But Pesci's probably gonna have to stop suing the film's producers first.

Pesci filed suit yesterday claiming he had been offered $3 million to play Angelo Ruggiero, one of Gotti's capos, a major role in the film. Once the film had been promoted to investors as starring Pesci in a big part, the lawsuit says, they took the part away from him and offered him a smaller role at a smaller ($1 million) salary. But that's not the worst part:

"[Pesci] has since ended his very strict and healthy diet, and has so far gained approximately 30 pounds in anticipation of playing Ruggiero, who was well known for his heavy and stocky build."

The picture above of taken of Pesci at his golf tournament last month, and we dunno, we think he looks all right for a guy who's almost 70 and hasn't worked in a decade. As a general rule, though, we love this as grounds for a lawsuit. So, which producer is Val Kilmer gonna sue?

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