James Bond fan ties car detail from ‘Skyfall’ back to ’60s-era Bond

Many Bond fans know the Aston Martin depicted in the above photo for the upcoming "Skyfall" installment is the same make and model -- and even color -- as the car that Sean Connery drove when he played Bond back in the '60s. But one savvy fan noticed even more similarity -- the license plate.

Going only by the username Cawrl on social media site Reddit, he or she posted a then-and-now image of the car noting, "It's little details like this that gives me hope for Skyfall! (license plate)."

The Aston Martin DB5 in the Daniel Craig photo has the license plate number BMT 216A as does the one in the Sean Connery photo (below) from 1964's "Goldfinger." (The car was also used in 1965's "Thunderball.") The Connery-era car was customized with gadgets - including a rotating license plate and a passenger ejection seat. The car was later resold (in real life) and, changing ownership again in 2010 when Ohio businessman Harry Yeaggy bought it for $4.6 million, with its original gadgetry still intact. It is set to go on display in England's Cholmondeley Pageant -- along with other Bond cars -- in a few days.

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We posted both Bond car photos on Facebook and the new school Bond's use of old gear received an overwhelmingly positive fan response. Brinke Guthrie keenly commented: "In 'Casino Royale,' he was shown to have won it in a poker game... and it was an American [left] hand drive. Now, mysteriously, the same car as the steering wheel... on the [right]." A voice of dissent came from Adrian Castillo: "Sorry, I know alot [sic] of people like the new bond [sic], but it's just not as fun anymore. Plus 007 never drank heineken [sic]. Classic car, but a new drink? Way to ruin bond! [sic]" (Castillo is referring to the fact that Daniel Craig will be taking a swig from a Heiny in the next film, in theaters November 9.)

And while we don't know exactly what the car will do to drive the plot of "Skyfall" (yes, I went there), we do know Bond is, at least, partially set in London -- thus, presumably, the right-hand steering wheel. Moreover, Bond appears to be quite shaken and stirred by an old memory. Given the evidence, expect at least one cool vintage Aston Martin driving scene during the London-set part of the film.

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