Introducing Autumn Rae Shannon, 8-Year-Old Soul Singer

Like other 8-year-old girls, Autumn Rae Shannon from Apopka, FL loves pop stars like Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé, but this talented little girl's real love is soul music.

"She's been listening to Ella Fitzgerald for years," her mother, Carol, tells the Good News. "She'd say, 'Put Ella on, Mommy!'"

Autumn Rae has been singing since she was 2-and-a-half years old. "She would sing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' and she had perfect pitch," says Carol about discovering her daughter's natural talent.

"I love singing," Autumn Rae tells us. "It is my favorite thing to do. Even when my mom asks me to stop, I just can't!"

This rising star began taking singing lessons at age 5, and in just three years has built herself a prolific YouTube channel filled with covers, including impressive renditions of Ella Fitzgerald's "At Last," Aretha Franklin's "Respect" and Alicia Keys' "If I Don't Have You."

Autumn Rae loves performing, especially for large crowds. "My biggest audience was performing for 30,000 people at a cancer fundraiser," she says. "I like to perform in front of big audiences. When there's a bigger audience, it just feels better!"

Autumn has even begun to write her own songs - melody and lyrics included - with the help of her father, who is a drummer.

"It all comes from my husband," says Carol of Autumn's talent. Carol lost her voice years ago from a mysterious ailment that permanently damaged her vocal chords, and speaks in a shaky whisper. Still, listening to her daughter's booming, belting singing fills her with joy.

"If God had a plan to take my voice forever so she could be who she is, I'm okay with it."

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