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How the 'I Dream of Jeannie' Bottle Survived the Northridge Earthquake of '94 [Exclusive Clip]

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Christina Aguilera's got nothing on Barbara Eden! Decades before "The Voice" mentor dropped her breakout hit song, Barbara Eden played a hot genie (named Jeannie!) in a bottle on the classic sitcom "I Dream of Jeannie."

The legendary actress recently zapped in for a chat with "The Yo Show" and gave Kristen Aldridge the dirt on the show's magic bottle, as well as her secrets for staying in shape.

So what's the story behind the bottle that housed Jeannie?

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"It was really a coincidence," Eden said of the bottle's origin. "They were looking for a bottle, thinking they would have to make one, and they discovered that Jim Beam had a Christmas bottle that year. I don't know where all the liquor went that was inside those bottles. But we had dozens of crates of bottles and they had painted the bottles."

Eden also dished that she has one of the only original bottles from the show, and she quickly zapped it up. (Once a genie, always a genie!) The ornate purple bottle has been through a lot in the 40-plus years since the show was on the air. In fact, the TV legend revealed that it even survived an earthquake.

"It's a survivor, it's definitely a survivor," she said. "The '94 earthquake here, the Northridge earthquake — the house next door lost one whole wall … we were very lucky here this house survived."

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Eden went on to say that everything fell off of all of the shelves in her Beverly Hills home, but the bottle somehow safely landed on top of a stack of books.

"When my husband finally got the door open, there was a pile of books in the middle of the room, up like a pyramid," she said. "And right on top was the genie bottle."

Now that's some magic! Next stop for this indestructible bottle: The Smithsonian. 

And not only has the bottle stayed in perfect shape, but so has its owner. Eden made headlines in May when she fit into her iconic "I Dream of Jeannie" costume. The actress described the experience as "one of the most frightening" things she's ever done. (By the way, the costume she wore was an exact replica of her famous genie duds, because none of her old costumes could be found; they were loaned to the wives of the show's executives for Halloween and were never returned!)

"It was very strange," she said of donning her genie outfit. "And yet it was home again. Actually she's always there, Jeannie. I like her." 

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As for her stay-in-shape secrets, Eden said, "I thank my mother every day."

But it's not just good genes for this genie!

"I do work out," she admitted. "But I do it mostly for health. Strong bones — you lift weights. Spinning for your heart. It isn't really to lose weight or anything. It's just to be healthy and happy and go on trips with my husband." 

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