'Extant': 9 Futuristic Gadgets We Want Now

We tuned into tonight's premiere of CBS's new sci-fi drama Extant hoping to see Halle Berry float around in space and get knocked up by an alien. And we certainly saw that. (We think.) But we also spent the hour gawking at all the cool gadgets on display in the near-future setting, from driverless cars to robot children. And we want them all, now.

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In a conference call with reporters, Extant executive producers Mickey Fisher and Greg Walker said they intentionally didn't specify how far in the future the show is set — which allowed their imaginations to run wild. "We try to imagine a future that is accessible, and a lot of times what would be a logical evolution of the technology that we have. And then sometimes we invent these things for fun, just to bring a little bit of that future life to our world."

Our favorite parts of that future life? These nine items we're ready to order right now from an Amazon drone. (Shut up and take our money!)

1. The touchscreen bathroom mirror display

Check the weather and manage your to-do list, all while shaving in the morning? Yes, please.

2. The garbage can

For Halle Berry's astronaut character Molly Woods, "taking out the trash" means hauling a sealed metal cartridge outside to a pristine clear disposal area. No more unwieldy garbage bags… and no smell!

3. The robot son

One of the big reveals in the Extant premiere is learning that Molly's son Ethan (Pierce Gagnon) is actually an android, developed by her husband John (Goran Visnjic). An amazing technological development for couples who can't have a child… and for parents who secretly wish their kids came with an "off" switch.

4. The driverless car
5. Transparent light-up iPads

Hurry it up, Google: We need one of these driverless cars already so we can free up our hands to play with our cool transparent iPad. And OK, these iPads aren't all that different from the ones we have now. But they're transparent! And they light up!

6. "Ben," the space station assistant

Yes, that disembodied voice Molly communicates with in space definitely has a creepy "HAL in 2001" vibe to it. But when you're alone in space, it's still nice to have someone to talk to.

7. The Medi-Assist Bot

We haven't seen the "Medi-Assist Bot" in action yet, but John informs us it has a 100 percent accuracy rate when administering a vaccine. (Does it take our insurance, though?)

8. That cool minimalist meal Yasumoto has after emerging from cryogenic deep-freeze

This probably doesn't even count as technology. But it looks delicious.

9. Ethan's flying spaceship toy

Sure beats the heck out of the crappy plastic Millennium Falcon we played with as kids, huh?

Extant airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBS.