8 Things We Learned About ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Aaron Paul From His Reddit AMA

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Ah, that "Breaking Bad" cast. The show would be amazing even if its stars were total creeps, but we have to admit: the fact that they seem to be a very decent crew makes it just that much easier to indulge a total obsession with all things Walter White and company.

Take, for instance, Aaron Paul's Tuesday evening Reddit AMA session, in which he answered fan queries, repeatedly fulfilled their requests to have him address them by his character's favorite curse word, and clued fans in on his Omaze.com fundraiser, the one titled "Cook With Jesse and Walt at the 'Breaking Bad' Finale."

To raise funds for the Kind Campaign, the anti-bullying organization created by Paul's wife Lauren, the Omaze contest will award the winner a trip to Los Angeles to attend the Sept. 29 series finale screening of "Breaking Bad" at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery ... with Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston. The winner and the two "BB" stars will arrive at the finale party in an RV, will cook up some snacks while wearing Hazmat suits, and will then party together after the screening.

The contest comes on the heels of a Cranston AMA and Omaze contest, in which the winner rode to the "Breaking Bad" season 5.1 premiere with the cast, and Cranston raised more than $300,000 for The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

And speaking of things the Emmy-winning "Breaking Bad" co-stars have in common, as Paul revealed during his AMA, he had tried to co-star with Cranston in another TV series. Below, seven things we learned from his responses to Redditors' queries:

He Could've Been Cranston's Son

Reddit question: What do you think if you would've happened if you had gotten the part of Francis on "Malcolm in the Middle"?

"Eh, well I definitely wouldn't have gotten the role of Jesse Pinkman on 'Breaking Bad,' that's for sure," Paul responded. "I don't know. The funny thing about that is a lot of people thought I auditioned for Francis, but in reality they never would see me. I read the pilot of 'Malcolm in the Middle' because it was sent to me, and I desperately wanted to audition, but they kept passing (on) me."

Bryan Cranston Is No Fan of Pants

Reddit question: I've heard many places that Bryan Cranston is one of the biggest goofballs on set. Any good stories of him (or any of the other cast) on the set during filming that did not make it onto a blooper reel?

"We all know that from 'Malcolm in the Middle' to 'Breaking Bad,' (Cranston's) characters tended to wear (tighty-whiteys), but what you don't know is that any close-up shot of Bryan on 'Breaking Bad,' where you didn't see the lower half of his body, his pants were always off. His pants were always off. True story, I'm not even joking. His pants are always off."

He's Suffered for His Art ... in the ER

Reddit question: I heard that you got a concussion and had to go the ER while shooting one of the seasons; what's the story behind that?

"Raymond Cruz, who played Tuco, gave me a concussion during the episode 'Grilled' ... Tuco takes Walt and Jesse to his shack in the middle of nowhere, where we meet the famous Tio. Tuco takes Jesse, and he throws him through the screen door outside, and if you watch it back, you'll notice that my head gets caught inside the wooden screen door and it flips me around and lands me on my stomach, and the door splinters into a million pieces. Raymond just thought I was acting, so he continued and kicked me in the side and picked me up over his shoulder and threw me against the house, but in reality, I was pretty much unconscious … I kept pleading to him, saying 'stop.' The next thing I know, I guess I blacked out, and I woke up to a flashlight in (my) eyes, and it was our medic. And then I hopped up, acting like nothing wrong, but it appeared like I was drunk, and I kept saying 'let's finish the scene,' but then my eye started swelling, shut so they took me to the hospital. Just another fun day on the set of 'Breaking Bad'!"

That Pinkman Performance We All Love? All Instinctual -- He Skipped Acting Classes

Reddit question: What kind of training do you have? I'm always really impressed by your moment to moment work.

"Thank you so much! The only training I have is really trial and error. I never went to any sort of class. When I came out to L.A. I was 17-years-old ... I sat in on two different classes. What I saw during those classes was them doing these strange acting exercises, which I didn't understand," Paul wrote. "I always just thought 'Hey, pretend like you're being someone else, and that's all there is to it.' I wasn't a fan of those classes, so if I go into an audition and fail miserably, I just think to myself, 'Well, let's not do that again,' and, 'Do better.' So that's really it. I just force myself to truly believe that I am living the situation through the character."

What Does He Think of How the Series Ends?

Reddit question: Are you satisfied with the ending of "Breaking Bad"? Do you think the fans will be?

"I gotta be honest. I never wanted 'Breaking Bad' to end, simply because I'm a huge fan of the show, and I didn't want to be unemployed," the two-time Emmy winner, four-time nominee, said. "But after reading the final eight episodes and understanding where the writers are going with it, I'm so happy they ended it the way they did, and I think all of you will be happy as well. It's a dark, crazy ride to the final episode, but it is a fun one. Yeah, b**ch."

About That Favorite Word of Jesse Pinkman's ...

Reddit question: With the popularity of the show and your character, do you fear that years down the road, people (will) still come up to you and say "b**ch"?

"Yes, I get called 'b**ch' on a daily basis, and yes, I do think I'll get called 'b**ch' on a daily basis for years to come," Paul wrote. "But to be honest, I don't really mind, because I like being called 'b**ch.'"

What He Has in Common With Jesse

Reddit question: What’s the biggest similarity between you and Jesse Pinkman?

"We both love kids," wrote 33-year-old newlywed Paul, who has said he and his wife plan to start a family soon. "We have a huge soft spot for the young ones, and we don't want them to be raised by meth heads … We want to protect them."

On What He'd Like to See Happen Before the Series Ends (Spoiler Alert?)

Reddit question: Anything else you'd like to see the show tackle?

"I used to want Jesse to find out why Jane really died, and that Walt was there. But now I'm not really sure if it would do any sort of benefit for Jesse; I think it would make him even more sad," Paul answered. "I also want Walt to get what's coming to him, but to be honest … I don't know if that's going to happen. I mean, I do know, but it may or may not."