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The Boys spin-off stars confirm Gen V title: 'It's f---ed up. You're gonna like it'

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The Boys college spin-off officially has a title — so we can all finally stop calling it "The Boys college spin-off."

The cast of, well,The Boys college spin-off recorded a video message as the R-rated supe series continues production on its first season, confirming that its official name is Gen V. Given that its story follows an entire generation of kids who grew up suped up on Compound V, this makes sense.

"It's f---ed up. You're gonna like it," says actor Chance Perdomo (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina).

"It's got everything The Boys has: the intensity, the grit, the humor," newcomer Asa Germann adds.

"It's gonna be a roller coaster," says Gen V star Lizze Broadway. "It's gonna be filled with blood, guts, and everything else."

Jaz Sinclair, who plays a character named Marie, reveals that the show also has "love and beautiful relationships, and tons of action and superheroes."

Gen V is set at America's only college exclusively for young-adult superheroes, who are all competing for the top contracts in the best cities. Based on what we've seen from The Boys season 3, it seems the Red River group home for foster supe kids will also be involved somehow.

Eric Kripke, showrunner for The Boys and executive producer for the spin-off, had said he and his team wanted to make an authentic college drama that also has all the raunch of The Boys. He tells EW he hasn't been able to visit set just yet but that he's seen the dailies and "they're great."

"I think the actors are, across the board, really appealing and complicated," Kripke says. "It's a fascinating experiment because it really is so different than The Boys. It's the same universe, same tone, lots of dick jokes, and there's some mystery elements. But at the end of the day, it's a college show, whereas The Boys is a cop show. It's just weird to be like, 'You like NCIS? Well, here's Felicity.'"

The Boys
The Boys

Amazon Prime Butcher and Hughie can't stop the V in 'The Boys.'

Patrick Schwarzenegger, who also appears in the title announcement video with other cast members London Thor and Maddie Phillips, previously described the spin-off as Euphoria with superheroes.

"I think it's funnier than Euphoria, which is a nightmarish hellscape of teenage angst and heroin in the school hallways," Kripke tells EW. "I am hopeful that we're capturing something honest about what it's like to be a kid today and to be a kid at college. I love that The Boys, underneath all the superhero trappings, has a reality to it. And I'm hoping [Gen V] captures that."

Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters serve as showrunners on Gen V. A premiere date has not been set.

The Boys season 3 is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

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