Boys and Girls (2000) Streaming: Watch & Stream Online via Paramount Plus

Boys and Girls (2000) streaming
Boys and Girls (2000) streaming

Boys and Girls (2000) is a romantic comedy depicting the journey of Ryan and Jennifer, initially at odds but developing an unexpected friendship in college, finding that their contrasting personalities draw them together.

Here’s how you can watch and stream Boys and Girls (2000) via streaming services such as Paramount Plus.

Is Boys and Girls (2000) available to watch via streaming?

Yes, Boys and Girls (2000) is available to watch via streaming on Paramount Plus.

The story focuses on two characters, Ryan and Jennifer, who initially dislike each other when they meet at the age of twelve. Their mutual animosity only grows stronger as they run into each other again during their teenage years. However, when they reunite in college, they discover that their differing personalities bring them closer, leading to an unexpected and rare friendship. The movie delves into the dynamics of relationships and shows how differences can sometimes serve as the foundation for a meaningful connection.

The main cast of includes Freddie Prinze Jr. as Ryan Walker and Claire Forlani as Jennifer Burrows, the two lead characters. Other notable cast members include Jason Biggs, Amanda Detmer, Alyson Hannigan, and Brendan Sexton III in supporting roles.

Watch Boys and Girls (2000) streaming via Paramount Plus

Boys and Girls (2000) is available to watch on Paramount Plus. It offers a wide selection of content, including movies, TV shows, original series, and live TV channels, delivering an extensive entertainment experience.

You can watch via Paramount Plus by following these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Select ‘Try It Free’

  3. Choose your plan:

    • $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year (Essential)

    • $11.99 per month or $199.99 per year (with SHOWTIME)

  4. Enter your personal information and create your account

The Paramount Plus Essential plan includes tens of thousands of episodes and movies, the NFL on CBS, the UEFA Champions League, 24/7 news coverage with CBS News, and limited ads.

Furthermore, the Paramount Plus with SHOWTIME plan includes all of the above, removes the ads except in limited circumstances, and also includes SHOWTIME originals, movies, and sports along with CBS live TV and college football. Nonetheless, you’re able to download shows to your mobile device.

Boys and Girls (2000) synopsis is as follows:

“Ryan and Jennifer are opposites who definitely do not attract. At least that’s what they always believed. When they met as twelve-year-olds, they disliked one another. When they met again as teenagers, they loathed each other. But when they meet in college, the uptight Ryan and the free-spirited Jennifer find that their differences bind them together and a rare friendship develops.”

NOTE: The streaming services listed above are subject to change. The information provided was correct at the time of writing.

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