Boy bands unite as Donnie Wahlberg tries Joey Fatone's 'Fat One' hot dog

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NSync‘s Joey Fatone invited New Kids on the Block band member Donnie Wahlberg to sample his hot dog stand. Because Wahlberg is a co-owner of the successful hamburger chain Wahlburgers and knows how to dance while singing, he was the perfect person to ask.

Wahlberg decided to go big and ordered Fatone’s ultimate hot dog, the “Fat One.” According to Fatone, the toppings are nacho cheese, mozzarella, sweet red onions, green chilies, pepperoni, and french fries.

So did Wahlberg think it had the right stuff? Well, he said, “this is the best hot dog I ever had; I’m not even joking. … I’m not lying, this is the best hot dog ever.”

In fact, Wahlberg enjoyed the hot dog so much he thought about adding a “Donnie D” dog to the Wahlburgers menu, with a few modifications. “Mine isn’t quite 12 inches long and as fat as yours. Mine, maybe, like, seven and a half [with] a slight curve.”

Wahlburgers airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on A&E.

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