Bowlcut is the all-natural Asian American sauce brand created by the kids of Chinese restaurant owners

One of the best things about Chinese food is the range of sauces. Some are sweet, some are tangy, some are salty and savory. However, many of them can be high in sodium and may contain artificial additives — but that’s where Bowlcut comes in. The brand’s line of all-natural Asian American sauces is made in small batches in California with only real ingredients.

If you’ve never heard of Bowlcut, that’s because it’s brand-spanking new. The founders, Crystal Ung, Adrian Ng and Will Kang, came up with the concept during the pandemic, at the height of AAPI hate crimes. However, they officially launched the brand on May 3, 2022.

Credit: Bowlcut
Credit: Bowlcut

Crystal and Adrian’s parents ran small-town Chinese restaurants, and growing up in that environment, they saw how food can bridge cultures and bring people together. So, with the help of their parents’ recipes, they created their own line of sauces. Their goal: To re-shape the narrative by expanding the Asian American food category.

Bowlcut is currently offering three sauces: Chili Crisp, Spicy Chili Crisp and Char Siu. However, it has plans to add more sauces and condiments to its lineup in the future.

Credit: Bowlcut
Credit: Bowlcut

Chili Crisp is essentially oil infused with deliciously fried chili peppers and contains a blend of red pepper flakes, garlic and onion. You can eat it on eggs, dumplings, pizza, avocado toast and more. The standard Chili Crisp is spicy, but according to the brand, not as spicy as Sriracha or Tabasco. If you want to kick up the heat, go for the Spicy Chili Crisp.

Credit: Bowlcut
Credit: Bowlcut

Char Siu is a classic Chinese barbecue sauce that will make your burgers, meats, veggies and more taste like you’ve been cooking them over a fire. It’s smoky, savory and a little bit sweet.

According to the brand, its Chili Crisp has 66% less sodium versus the traditional brand, while its Char Siu has 64% less. And, you can enjoy it knowing that there are no GMOs, no artificial additives and it’s locally made.

“We invite you to cook and eat with us, to experience the flavors we love, to celebrate traditions and make new ones,” Bowlcut’s website reads. “Try the sauces, consider the haircut”

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