Bow Wow Pokes Fun at AEW Wrestler Jade Cargill After Getting Rejected

Image via Getty/Paras Griffin
Image via Getty/Paras Griffin
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Bow Wow doesn’t take rejection well.

The rapper took to Twitter on Friday to diss All Elite Wrestling wrestler Jade Cargill, who rejected Bow after he tried to shoot his shot. He poked fun at Cargill’s kicking skills, quote tweeting a video that she tweeted to him of her in the ring with another woman wrestler. “that kick a lil slow.. ima def duck that sh**,” he wrote.

This whole online beef started on Monday, when Bow Wow asked Cargill out in a tweet and she point blank told him, “You can’t afford me Bow. Thanks but no thanks.”

She told him she was kidding, but Bow didn’t seem to be in a kidding mood—and neither was she, at this point.

The two proceeded to continue their back-and-forth, though the end of their banter seemed playful enough.

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