Bow Wow Hints That He Was Intentionally Trolling Everybody With His Fake Private Jet Photo

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow, got caught lying on Instagram. The actor-rapper shared this photo on Instagram three days ago, basically insinuating that he was flying on a private plane to New York City.

But right after he posted that photo, a passenger spotted Bow Wow on a commercial flight and shared it with the world.

Twitter had a field day with it all, and the #BowWowChallenge was born, with people flexing about how rich they are in “real” photos. Like this one of a person “washing their Porsche” — which turns out to be a toy car:

Well, this morning Bow Wow was on Ebro in the Morning and talked about being called out online. They asked him who took the photo of him on the commercial plane, to which Bow Wow responded, “You gotta watch. I could’ve been on set. You gotta watch, bro.”

And by “watch” he means that you need to watch his new show, Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. In fact, Bow Wow made it seem as if the whole private jet thing was part of the show, or at least he kept saying that. “You gotta just watch the show — everything is for the show,” Bow Wow continued.

Ebro’s fellow DJ, Rosenberg, made a good point about Bow Wow’s controversial Instagram photo: He never explicitly said that he was flying private.

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