‘Bosch: Legacy’ Star Titus Welliver Explains How Harry Bosch Would Feel About George Floyd Protests (Video)

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Due to the source material — the popular novels by author Michael Connelly — and timing of production, Amazon’s “Bosch,” which ended in 2021, didn’t end up examining the world wide protests inspired by the murder of George Floyd in 2020.

But it did quite often allude to fictional versions of issues raised by those protests — for instance, the show frequently examined the harm caused not only by sloppy police work but also outright maliciousness or corruption — things main character Harry Bosch always aligned himself against. And that’s very much the case in the excellent sequel series, “Bosch: Legacy,” which premiered earlier this month on Amazon Freevee, the company’s ad-supported streaming service.

We were fortunate enough to speak to the man himself — Titus Welliver, the actor who has starred in the role since 2015 — ahead of the “Bosch: Legacy” premiere. So of course we had to ask him how Harry would have felt during all of that. Unsurprisingly to people who watched “Bosch” and have been watching “Bosch: Legacy,” Harry would have stood with people demanding justice and reform.

“He’s a solid guy,” Welliver told TheWrap. “He would never — There’s nothing corrupt about him. He would never beat a confession out of someone, he would never plant evidence on someone. What Bosch does is, he pursues justice. He pursues every avenue. I can say, really, with 100% confidence, that things like police brutality, any conduct like that, Bosch would step away from that. Because that’s not the guy that he is.”

You can watch Welliver’s comments above now.

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During our chat, Welliver also discussed the show’s commitment to realism, particularly in how it never drags out problems for the sake of drama. One instance in the first season of “Bosch: Legacy” comes when Bosch realizes he’s being surveilled, but doesn’t know how — only for one of his colleagues to immediately conclude whoever is doing it is using drones.

Welliver explained how moments like that are a testament to the respect the show’s writers have for viewers. Watch his comments here now:

If you haven’t had the chance to watch “Bosch: Legacy” yet, the show picks up a year and a half after Harry Bosch quit the LAPD at the end of Season 7 of “Bosch. And of course, we also had to ask Welliver, as an actor, where he sees Bosch in light of those significant changes. Watch those comments here now:

The two-part Season 1 finale of “Bosch: Legacy” launches Thursday on Amazon Freevee. And thankfully for fans, the show’s already been renewed for Season 2.