Borderlands 4 Is Reportedly 2K’s Big Summer Reveal

Borderlands 4 reveal to be at the Summer Game Fest
Borderlands 4 reveal to be at the Summer Game Fest

The 2024 Summer Game Fest is fast approaching, with several major publishers gearing up for a big announcement. 2K Games is among the companies getting in on the festivities, teasing a major franchise announcement. A recent leak from a reliable source indicates that the new reveal will be none other than Borderlands 4.

Will the Borderlands 4 reveal be at the Summer Game Fest?

This news comes from the leaker Kurakasis, who’s built a reputation as a reliable source of insider information. “It has been discovered via eXputer’s contacts that 2K will offer Borderlands 4’s first-ever reveal at the upcoming Summer Game Fest on June 7,” Kurakasis wrote on Wednesday. “There is also a chance that the game gets formally announced before the event, followed by a better show of it during the showcase, but I cannot confirm that at this point.”

This will likely disappoint anyone hoping to see Mafia 4 or the new BioShock game at the Summer Game Fest. However, a Borderlands 4 reveal is excellent news for the series’ fans. While Tiny Tina’s Wonderland and New Tales from the Borderlands launched in 2022, the last mainline game was released in 2019.

Borderlands 3 faced a fair amount of criticism. Much of it targeted the NPC Ava and the game’s treatment of returning characters Lilith and Maya. Borderlands 3 suggested that Maya would be an important character in the next game, while the Director’s Cut indicated Lilith might also return. Hopefully, the Summer Game Fest’s Borderlands 4 reveal might offer clues to what Gearbox has in mind for those characters.

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