Boosie’s Manager Says Rapper Won’t Need Leg Amputated Following Shooting

Jordan Rose
·1 min read

Despite reports coming out claiming that Boosie might need his leg amputated following being hospitalized from a shooting that occurred last week, his manager has come out to deny those claims.

Louis Givens posted to his Instagram story on Thursday, citing that stories being reported that Boosie might lose his leg are "fake news." Boosie was shot in the leg last week while he was in Texas, after which, news began to circulate that, in part due to his diabetes, he might lose the leg that got shot. Givens' clarification comes after Boosie posted to his Instagram story a few days ago saying that he's "good."

Prior to that, Dallas rapper Mo3 was fatally shot and killed in Texas and was reportedly chased by his killer before it happened.