‘Bones’ Documentary Makes Everything Awkward

On Thursday’s episode of Bones, cameras followed the gang around for a documentary called America in Profile. Since the partnership between the FBI and the Jeffersonian Institution’s Forensic Division has been so successful, the host of the show, Alex Duffy, wanted to get a better understanding of how the partnership worked. The only problem was that most people act differently when cameras are around, and it was no different for Dr. Brennan’s team.

Cam became super uptight as she requested that Jack refer to her as Dr. Saroyan (which he didn’t do), and she was obviously trying to hide her relationship with Dr. Vaziri. Not everyone disliked the cameras though, one of the murder suspects was actually excited because he thought he was on Cops. After Booth questioned him, the suspect even asked when the episode would be airing because he wanted his “peeps” to be able to watch.

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Bones airs Thursday at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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