Bond Voyage: Mapping the Globetrotting Journeys of Every 007 (Infographic)

·Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

Over the 148 minutes of SPECTRE, James Bond (Daniel Craig) darts from Mexico City to London to Rome to Austria to Tangier, Morocco to the Northern Africa desert and back to London again. It’s all in a film’s work for the international man of mystery whose exploits have been earning him some serious frequent flier miles since he first hit the big screen in 1962.

What’s interesting is that 007 was pretty content to spend the bulk of his first film, Dr. No, in sunny Jamaica, which no one’s going to blame him for. But ever since then, he’s been on the world’s most exciting extended business trip.

To demonstrate just how extensive Bond’s travels have been, we’ve laid out his flight (and rail and boat and spaceship) plans below, broken down by actor and movie.

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After you study this for awhile, you’ll never complain about jet lag again.

SPECTRE is now in theaters.

Infographic designed by Imma Almourzaeva