Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Li Warns Katie About Poppy

Li's warning about her sister could influence Katie.
Li's warning about her sister could influence Katie.

On the June 6 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, spoilers tease that Li warns Katie about Poppy now that the paternity test showed Bill is Luna’s father. Li’s mysterious message may further pique Katie’s concerns about Bill and Poppy. Finn defends Hope to Steffy, who then clarifies her stance towards Hope. This should be an intriguing episode you want to catch.

Bill’s New Family

It’s true: Bill (Don Diamont) is Luna’s (Lisa Yamada) father. Li (Naomi Matsuda) administered the test herself, so there should be no doubts about the results’ accuracy. It’s a joyous occasion for Bill, Luna, and Poppy (Romy Park) — and it’s very bad news for Li. This means Poppy wasn’t lying to land “Dollar” Bill, as Li had accused. It also means Poppy is probably here to stay in LA and possibly live happily ever after with Bill.

Test results aside, Li still doesn’t trust her sister. Thus, she continues to spread negative vibes about Poppy. Li gives Katie (Heather Tom), who is protective of Bill, a cryptic warning about Poppy. Katie probably won’t take it lightly. She will look out for her ex-husband and the father of her child. If Poppy has something to hide, Katie will continue to dig.

Finn Defends Hope

Despite Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) attempts to knock Hope (Annika Noelle) down a few pegs, Hope fought back. She retained her fashion line and her connection with Finn (Tanner Novlan). (Does Finn have feelings for Hope?) So, when Finn defends Hope to Steffy, you can be sure it won’t go unnoticed.

Does Finn accuse Steffy of targeting Hope and trying to ruin her life? If so, Steffy plays it cool. She won’t come out and say she has a vendetta against Hope and all the Logans. She will likely say that she doesn’t harbor ill will towards Hope; she just doesn’t think Hope has a strong character. She will claim she had to protect her brother, Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), from Hope. And she was acting in the best interest of Forrester Creations. Does Finn buy it — or is he starting to see his wife in a new light?

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