BoJack Horseman Season 4 Streaming: Watch & Stream Online via Netflix

BoJack Horseman Season 4 Streaming: Watch & Stream Online via Netflix
Credits: Netflix
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If you’re curious about how to watch BoJack Horseman Season 4 online, you’ve come to the right place. In the fourth season, BoJack goes missing while Mr. Peanutbutter runs for governor of California. While BoJack struggles with loss, the campaign for governor takes a tragic turn.

Here’s how you can watch and stream BoJack Horseman Season 4 via streaming services such as Netflix.

Is BoJack Horseman Season 4 available to watch via streaming?

Yes, BoJack Horseman Season 4 is available to watch via streaming on Netflix.

Consisting of 12 episodes, the fourth season of the series features a self-loathing BoJack. It also shows how Mr. Peanutbutter’s campaign for governor affected many lives. The series is a comedy-drama but also has emotional sequences.

The voice cast of BoJack Horseman Season 4 includes:

  • Will Arnett as BoJack Horseman

  • Amy Sedaris as Princess Carolyn

  • Aaron Paul as Todd Chavez

  • Alison Brie as Diane Nguyen

  • Paul F. Tompkins as Mr. Peanutbutter

  • Aparna Nancherla as Hollyhock

  • Wendie Malick as Beatrice Horseman

  • Jane Krakowski as Honey Sugarman

  • Matthew Broderick as Joseph Sugarman

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda as Crackerjack Sugarman

  • Andre Braugher as Woodchuck Coodchuck-Berkowitz

Watch BoJack Horseman Season 4 streaming via Netflix

BoJack Horseman Season 4 is available to watch on Netflix.

You can watch via Netflix by following these steps:

  1. Visit

  2. Choose a payment plan from the following:

    • $6.99 per month (standard with Ads)

    • $15.49 per month (Standard)

    • $19.99 per month (Premium)

  3. Enter your email address and password to create an account

  4. Enter your chosen payment method

The cheapest Netflix Standard with Ads plan provides all but a few of its movies and TV shows, though will show ads before or during most of its content. You can watch in Full HD and watch on 2 supported devices at a time.

Its Standard Plan provides the same but is completely ad-free, while also allowing users to download content on two supported devices with an additional option to add one extra member who doesn’t live in the same household.

The Premium Plan provides the same as above though for four supported devices at a time, with content displaying in Ultra HD. Users get to download content on up to six supported devices at a time and have the option to add up to two extra members who don’t live in the same household. Netflix spatial audio is also supported.

BoJack Horseman Season 4’s synopsis is as follows:

“While BoJack wrestles with self-loathing and loss, Todd helps Mr. Peanutbutter run for governor of California, and Diane gets a job at a hip blog.”

NOTE: The streaming services listed above are subject to change. The information provided was correct at the time of writing.

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