Bobby Shmurda's Conditional Release Date Listed for February

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Bobby Shmurda could be home earlier than expected.

On Monday, reports started to surface claiming that the Brooklyn native has been granted a conditional release from prison that would allow him to come home on Feb. 23, 2021. As it stands, Bobby's current release date is Dec. 11, 2021.

For Shmurda to be granted a conditional release date, he is considered by the Time Allowance Committee (consisting of prison staff) four months prior. The Time Allowance Committee reviews his incarceration behavior and participation in prison programs to decide if he has earned "good time" off his maximum sentence. The conditional release date may be adjusted as a result of the Time Allowance Committee's review.

Based on behaviors requiring disciplinary action, Shmurda lost his good time, and was therefore ineligible for conditional release. Upon a review by the Time Allowance Committee, Shmurda’s good time was recently restored, making him eligible for conditional release on Feb. 23, 2021. Upon his release, Mr. Pollard will serve the remainder of his sentence under community supervision until his maximum expiration date of Dec. 11, 2021.

This is a photo of Bobby.
Image via Instagram
This is a photo of Bobby.
Image via Instagram

The news of Bobby's conditional release comes after his close collaborator and co-defendant, Rowdy Rebel, was released from prison in December. In September 2016, Shmurda infamously took more prison time so that he and Rowdy could have similar release dates. Yet, Bobby's sentence was extended due to numerous infractions that prompted the board to deny him parole in September 2020.

Despite the setbacks, Bobby was happy to see his friend come home. Bobby made a point to call Rowdy following his release. During the phone call, Shmurda promised his fans that he'll be "right there" with Rowdy, urging them not to "trip."

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