Bobby Lashley Recalls Rey Mysterio Telling Him To Stop Being A Fan At Survivor Series

Bobby Lashley Recalls Rey Mysterio Telling Him To Stop Being A Fan At Survivor Series
Bobby Lashley Recalls Rey Mysterio Telling Him To Stop Being A Fan At Survivor Series
Bobby Lashley WWE
Bobby Lashley WWE

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Even Bobby Lashley found it difficult not to be a fan early in his career. This was something Rey Mysterio had to snap him out of at his first Survivor Series event.

The All Mighty was a recent guest on Sidewalks Entertainment to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about the upcoming WWE Survivor Series premium live event this weekend, Lashley said he believes this show will begin the important stories that will carry us to next year’s WrestleMania.

“I look at Survivor Series as probably one of our biggest premium live events because we only have we have a handful that are very staple, and that was one of my biggest ones when I first started out,” Bobby Lashley said. “I had an opportunity to get in the ring with like Rey Mysterio, The Big Show, Kane, Shawn Michaels, Batista, all these big names in Survivor Series, and I thought it was so cool.

“But this particular premium live event is one that people should really tune into because I think this is one that sets up the feuds for the coming year. We have Royal Rumble coming up. We have the Elimination Chamber, and we have, of course, WrestleMania. So whatever happens at Survivor Series is going to continue on into probably Mania. So I think that this is a very important one so that people could kind of say, ‘Oh, I see what’s going on. This guy’s aligning with this guy. This guy’s aligning this guy. This guy’s having a feud with this guy.’ These are some of the events that are going to last throughout the rest of the year and then culminate at WrestleMania. So I think this is a very, very important show.”

When asked what stands out to him about his first Survivor Series appearance, Lashley told a hilarious story about shifting from a performer to a fan watching the wrestlers enter the ring, and Rey Mysterio had to snap him out of it.

“Well, when I first went on it, I remember there was one time where all the teams are coming out, right? So I was in the ring, and I was on Team SmackDown, and I remember standing in the ring, and I was one of the first people to come out, so the crowds like hyped,” Bobby Lashley said. “And I come down, I jump in the ring, and I’m being me. I’m full Bobby Lashley at this point. And then the next one that comes out, I think it’s Big Show.

“Then Rey Mysterio comes out, and I went from hopping around the ring like just like getting into it to kind of my hands dropping down. I kind of come out of it, and then I’m just like, staring at the entrance like a fan. Like I was in awe. I was blown away. It was when I first started wrestling. It’s like my first year, and I’m in the ring with like some of the greatest wrestlers ever. And then I remember Rey comes by, and he slaps me on the arm and goes, ‘Stop being a fan!’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, okay, sorry about that.’

“It kinda took me back a little bit because I was standing in the ring, and I was seeing all these cool entrances. Shawn Michaels entrance to Big Show’s entrance. Rey Mysterio popping up from the ground, Booyakah! Booyakah! I went from being a character to being a fan, and Rey had to snap me back out of it and pull me back there. And I think that the coolest thing about wrestling is that there’s so many parts of a wrestling show that make people fans.

“I mean, one is just hearing that music. You hear broken glass. You think Stone Cold’s coming out. Or you hear, can you smellllll and everybody would lose it. There’s so many different parts of a wrestling show that’s just so cool. And the entrances is definitely one of them. And I think that’s what we’re having again. I mean, this one. It’s like you’re gonna have all this awesome stuff. My entrance is awesome. You hear all these different ones. You hear Romans like 20-minute entrance to the ring. You see all these things, and that’s what’s cool about wrestling, and that’s why this premium live event is gonna be such a special one.”

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What do you make of Bobby Lashley’s comments? Are you excited about WWE Survivor Series this Saturday? Let us know know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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