Bob Saget gives posthumous dating advice to Nikki Glaser in reality show cameo

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Bob Saget gives posthumous dating advice to Nikki Glaser in reality show cameo

Even after death, Bob Saget's humor is living on — through dating advice.

On Sunday night, the Full House star made a cameo on longtime friend Nikki Glaser's show, Welcome Home Nikki Glaser, thanks to a FaceTime message filmed before his January 9 death. As Glaser lamented that she was thinking about getting back together with her on-again off-again boyfriend Chris Convy, she also questioned whether or not she should "get back out there."

Saget gave her some advice from his own love life, saying he didn't think he'd meet anyone ever again when he met his wife Kelly Rizzo. "We met through a mutual friend and then two weeks later, we were in Vegas on our first date," Saget told Glazer.

After joking that the age difference between himself and Rizzo was "84 years" (it was actually 23), Saget turned the question around more seriously.

"Do you love your ex?" he asked Glaser.

"Yes," she responded honestly. "But my issue with him is that I need us to be able to communicate better. And I feel like we don't have the tools for that. And the thing that really keeps bringing us back, if I'm being really honest, is sex."

"Even I would like to have sex with him," Saget quipped to Glaser's delight, before going on to tell her, "I'm happy for you, if this is the right guy. And if it's not, you find out."

Nikki Glaser and Bob Saget
Nikki Glaser and Bob Saget

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Mike Coppola/Getty Images Nikki Glaser and Bob Saget.

Following Saget's death, Glaser created a musical tribute for her friend that she shared on Instagram. Titled "Song for Bob," the song talks about memories from the last time Glaser saw her friend, which was at a dinner in Milwaukee. It also references how Saget was always there to cheer her up and motivate her.

And thanks to well-timed cameos, he's still making good on that promise.

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