‘BMF’ Star Da’Vinchi On How Atlanta Shifts The Bond Between The Flenory Brothers

‘BMF’ Star Da’Vinchi On How Atlanta Shifts The Bond Between The Flenory Brothers | Photo: Starz
‘BMF’ Star Da’Vinchi On How Atlanta Shifts The Bond Between The Flenory Brothers | Photo: Starz
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We’re currently at the BMF chapter that many fans have been excited to recant — the one where Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory (Demetrius Flenory Jr.) and Terry “Southwest Tee” Flenory (Da’Vinchi) expand their empire beyond the streets of Detroit.

However, although business is booming, it doesn’t mean that the Flenory brothers aren’t plagued with problems, both individually and as a unit. But this is the moment where we see them divide and conquer, with Big Meech making his way down to Atlanta and Terry’s commitment to his home of Detroit.

“Terry was kind of stuck on Detroit at this point in his life, you know, he liked it,” Da’Vinchi told Blavity’s Shadow and Act in a recent interview. “That’s where they’re from, they knew everything there and things of that nature, but Meech was trying to expand. And with Atlanta being one of the largest ports of entry, with so many other countries tied to this place and so many things coming in and out, and what they were doing with the highways at the time, Meech was just like, ‘Yo, we can move here and it would just be crazy’ and Terry didn’t necessarily understand what he was saying and didn’t see his vision. But then, sooner or later, he started seeing that. But I think the disagreement for why Meech is going out there is because Terry really didn’t see the vision yet, from what I know based on his story, but then afterward it starts getting clearer and clearer and it all makes sense.”

Throughout the season, he also shared that fans will see the family element of BMF tested like never before.

“The ‘F’ in BMF is for sure tested this season,” Da’Vinchi continued. “Terry has a lot going on with his family right now. He’s going back and forth with his family with Lawanda (Sydney Mitchell) and then with Markaisha (La La Anthony), he’s in a bit of a tough position right there. And then he and Meech spelling that bond that they had, he’s being tested a lot. It’s also making him become the man that he’s always wanted to be, so at the same time, that separation from his brother is helping him to grow in a space that he wants to grow, and now he’s being tested a lot, and he has to be the man that he thinks he is, so it’s gonna be interesting.”

For Anthony’s character, Markaisha, there’s a decision that is to be made about whether she leaves Terry and the nuances of the business behind, which the Power actor told Blavity boils down to her “putting herself and her children first.”  

“This season is unpredictable,” Anthony said. “That’s what I do love about the show and that’s what I think people love about it … it’s unpredictable. You kind of think you know where it’s going, and then one thing will happen and the entire storyline shifts, and that’s what keeps it exciting and entertaining.”

Mitchell, who portrays Lawanda, added that this season is also all about temptation, which fans are currently watching unfold through the continued love triangle between her character, Terry and Markisha.

“It’s a lot of temptation going on from all aspects,” she explained. “I would just say … welcome to Atlanta. This season showcases that side, and I know that everybody’s been waiting on that.”

“When you think of BMF, you think about Detroit, you think about Atlanta. So to be able to shoot the show where a lot of this stuff happened, it just brings a more authentic and real element to the series,” Anthony said. “Atlanta is a place that is thriving, especially for the Black community, but Atlanta is also a tricky place. One false move, anything can go wrong, and I think that you’ll see a lot of that in the show as well. But when we are filming in Atlanta, I just think it captures the essence of what BMF was and what happened during that time with them in the city. It’s nice to not have to re-create that and to be there, living it.”

The new season of BMF airs each Friday on Starz.