Blue October returns to Albuquerque with new album, show at KiMo

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Oct. 19—Justin Furstenfeld is grateful for every day he gets to play music.

Standing on decades of touring, he knows it's the fans that keep him going.

"I'm honored I still get to do this," he says. "There's not a moment that goes by that I'm not thankful for the opportunities."

Furstenfeld started Blue October in 1995.

Since then, the band released 11 albums to date. It's latest, "Spinning The Truth Around: Part I & II," is a double LP.

The band is set to perform a show at the KiMo Theatre on Oct. 28. The band also performs in El Paso on Tuesday, Oct. 25.

Rounding out Blue October is Jeremy Furstenfeld, Ryan Delahoussaye, Will Knaak and Matt Noveskey.

Furstenfeld says for the band's 11th album, he wanted to unlock another creative renaissance.

"We feel like we're at the height of our craft," Furstenfeld says. "The album is romantic. ... The lyrics are universal and poignant, but we're showing the songs can stand alone instrumentally. We know the sound we want."

The original creative core of Blue October found some new inspiration, as Furstenfeld immersed himself in the work of J Dilla.

He wrote at a feverish pace at his own Up /Down Studios in San Marcos, Texas — a process similar to the early days as the record is a band collaboration.

"Ryan is such a great string arranger," Furstenfeld says. "I'd sample strings and detune them on the Akai. If you have a great drummer like Jeremy, Matt on bass, two overhead mics and a SM57 in the kick drums, add strings, some romantic piano and profound lyrics, you can find yourself some magic."

Furstenfeld's goal for this record was to write romantic art like he would listen to as a child.

"Ella Fitzgerald and The Cure influence me a lot," he says. "During the time I was writing, I could go to the studio at 9 a.m. Then wake up and do it all over again. I would take the kids to school and it was a release to write about what I was going through personally and professionally."

The album ends with the track "Big Love."

Furstenfeld says the song holds a place in the brothers' heart because their father listened to it during his chemotherapy treatments.

He is proud of the last lyric of the song where he sings, "Just keep your face turned to the sun. We're proud of all that you have done."

"Love, for me, has been set on high standards," he explains. "When my father passed away during the pandemic, we were allowed in the room for 20 minutes. I watched my mom comfort him. In his final moments, I could see him relax. For three years, she took him to chemo. He listened to 'Big Love'. The only thing my brother Jeremy and I could do was write a song for him and send him messages. A love like what my parents had is what I hope for everyone. They could communicate openly. They showed me how easy it should be. There's a loss, but there's a spirit that says, 'Hey, hey, you're good.' "

Blue October

WHEN: 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 28

WHERE: KiMo Theatre, 423 Central NW

INFORMATION: Visit to learn more about ticket prices