‘Bloodline’ Season 3 First Look: The Family Starts to Turn on Each Other

After what happened with the Rayburns at the end of Bloodline Season 2 — brother Kevin killed Marco, the cop partner of his brother John, and the former fiancée of his sister, Meg — we know that the family’s myriad problems are about to get even worse.

And as the exclusive Season 3 clip above hints, the family is going to start turning on each other — including Mama Rayburn, Sally (Sissy Spacek).

After Marco’s death, both Kevin (Norbert Leo Butz) and John (Kyle Chandler) are missing, and Sally has put the pressure of finding them and bringing them home on Meg (Linda Cardellini). It’s a little more than Meg can take — especially since she’s the only living Rayburn sibling who hasn’t committed murder — and when Sally nastily demands her daughter do whatever she’s told to do, Meg snaps. “You know what, I’m so sick of this s**t, I’m not doing it,” Meg tells Sally, before hanging up on her and ordering herself a bottle of tequila.

That’s also a hint at how boozy the final season gets, as a string of additional Rayburn family secrets trickle out and prove John, Danny, Kevin, and Meg were long ago set up to deal with drama by the sins of their father and mother.

Bloodline Season 3 premieres on May 26 on Netflix.

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