The Worst #1 Hits of the 1960s

Since my worst #1 hits of the decade playlists have been earning me so much fantastic hate mail, what else can I do but continue them? It always amazes me how personal some people take critiques of their favorite music, especially when it was music they grew up with. It's a really powerful thing, and what critic doesn't love such a visceral reaction?

To create one of these playlists I look at all of Billboard's Hot 100 #1 hits for each year in a decade. Then from these #1's, I pick a song from each year that I consider to be the "worst". So it's a combination of fact and opinion. If a song did not reach #1 it does not qualify for the list, that's the fact part. The other part is my personal opinion. Namely, which of these #1 songs are the worst of the bunch, your choices may vary.

I've already done the Worst #1 Songs from the 1970s and from the 1980s, so today my target is the 1960s.

Now, I have to be honest, the 1960s was the hardest decade I've done so far. There were certain years where I did not see any truly horrible #1 songs, so I just picked the song I enjoyed the least. I get the distinct impression that the farther back we go, the better the hit songs become. It seems that music is nothing like technology. It does not improve over time.

Anyway, there are still some really great examples of bad music in this list. "Honey" by Bobby Goldsboro is a personal favorite. It may just be the sappiest sad song of all time. How can you ever top a lyric like,

"She was always young at heart, kinda dumb and kinda smart and I loved her so,
and I surprised her with a puppy".

It simply can't be done.

The Worst #1 Hits of the 1960s
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WARNING: The following video should not be viewed by those prone to depression.

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