Election Day Songs


Man, did four years fly by or what? Another Presidential election is upon us. This is a time when we get to see government for the people and by the people in action. I'm one who takes my responsibility to vote seriously, but not too seriously. You won't hear me saying something like, "this is the most important election of our lifetime". We hear that every four years, and it's never true.

This year, a young friend of mine made a decision to vote for a third party candidate and made the mistake of announcing it. He was promptly and harshly reprimanded by both republicans and democrats alike. "You've wasted your vote", they screamed! "How could you just throw your vote away in such an important election", they asked?

I say bravo, young man! I for one, am proud of anyone who gets to the polls to take part in our democracy, no matter who they vote for. I don't care if you're a single issue voter, a party line voter, or someone who weighs every issue before making your decision. If you have voted, you're alright with me.

If you don't vote. Keep you're mouth shut. You have no right to complain.

This playlist includes a dozen election day songs. What would you add?

Election Day Songs

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