It's Election Day! Musicians Urge Fans to #GoVote

Fergie urges fans to vote.
Fergie urges fans to vote.

Today, Election Day, more than 300 entertainers in partnership with will take part in a massive get-out-the-vote push, posting photos of themselves to social media urging their fans to “#GoVote.” The campaign specifically aims to combat the trend of “drop-off” voters, where half of young voters only cast ballots in Presidential races and then skip the Midterm Elections.
A diverse group of musicians -- as well as comics and actors -- including John Legend, Dave Matthews, Linkin Park,  Fergie, T.I., the Black Keys, Herbie Hancock, Perez Hilton, Chaka Khan, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Lauryn Hill, and all the living members of The Grateful Dead, have taken photos while holding artwork that says “#GoVote.” Each will Tweet and post their photos today saturating social media with a get-out-the-vote message.
The more than 300 entertainers involved average over one million social media followers each across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, totalling more than 350 million. The number of participants and their popularity makes #GoVote one of the largest Election Day social media efforts ever.

Each post on Twitter, Facebook, Instragram and Tumblr will include a link to, where voters can find the most comprehensive election information hub on the internet - including a polling place finder, ID requirements, and what’s on each ballot.
“The incumbent Congress is the least popular in history, so we can't leave it to the candidates alone to inspire people,” said Marc Brownstein, HeadCount’s co-founder and bass player of The Disco Biscuits. “We're trying to get the message across that being dissatisfied is a bad reason not to vote – it's the exact reason why participation is so important."