‘Two and a Half Men’ Season Premiere Details Leak

The "Two and a Half Men" cast takes a bow
The "Two and a Half Men" cast takes a bow

With Charlie Sheen's exit from "Two and a Half Men" still reigning as the year's biggest entertainment story, it should be no surprise that details are already leaking from last night's season premiere taping — the first episode featuring Ashton Kutcher.

Even though both audience members and even the cast members themselves had to sign nondisclosure agreements, according to Deadline, multiple outlets are reporting details ranging from plot points to guest stars, and CBS even released a photo of the cast's post-taping bow.

So if you just can't wait until "Two and a Half Men" returns to CBS on September 19, here's the lowdown on what's leaked so far:

Charlie Harper Is Dead

As was widely rumored prior to last night's taping, a funeral is indeed held for Sheen's character in the season premiere, TMZ reports. Considering "Men" creator Chuck Lorre's skirmishes with Sheen, is it any wonder that he'd make sure there's no way the troubled actor would ever set foot on the show again?

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His Wife Probably Killed Him

According to dialogue during the funeral scene, Charlie's exit from this world was a gruesome one. It's reportedly revealed that he had married Rose, the woman he flew off to Paris with last season, and that while they were in Paris, he "slipped" onto the subway tracks as an oncoming train approached. According to TMZ, the way the scene plays out implies that Rose was behind the "accident."

The House Is Changing Hands

As was revealed last week, new series star Kutcher will play an Internet billionaire named Walden Schmidt, and Deadline reports that a chunk of Schmidt's money will be spent purchasing Charlie's house. But first a procession of potential buyers will look at the place, with insiders telling Deadline that guest-star lookie-loos could include cast members from other Lorre shows, such as "The Big Bang Theory."

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John Stamos Did Get Cast!

Back in the show's "One and a Half Men" days, former "Full House" star and "Glee" super-guest John Stamos was rumored as a possible replacement for Sheen, and although Kutcher nabbed that role, Stamos will still get some screen time. TMZ reports that Stamos will speak at Charlie's funeral ... and reveal the raunchy incident he once shared with the deceased (and another person). Jenny McCarthy was also reportedly involved in the funeral scene.

Fans Will Probably Like It

Deadline got in touch with people who attended Friday's taping, and others who read the script, and heard praise that suggested the writing is as sharp as ever. One source credited Kutcher with breathing new life into show, while others called him "charming" and "solid."

Still, even though CBS and "Men" fans are probably pretty happy with these early reports, there's one man who's not — and that's Sheen himself. When asked about the show's funeral plans, the actor told TMZ: "I will be watching my fake funeral, attended by my fake ex-girlfriends, from my very, very real movie theater, with my very real hotties in tow."

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