'Scandal' Star Darby Stanchfield Teases 'Explosive' Season 3 Finale


Darby Stanchfield's Abby threw on some fancy coats and got her Olivia Pope on this week as "Scandal" saw a new Gladiator regulating the drama at the White House. And she's not done yet!

"Abby doesn't leave the White House. She's definitely continuing her new path of being a political operative, so she's back in there helping," Stanchfield teased to Yahoo TV, before dropping more bombs (pun intended) about the explosive final two episodes of Season 3.

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But where does everyone at OPA stand going into the finale? And could there be wedding bells in the near future for Abby and David (Josh Malina), or will Leo Bergen (guest star Paul Adelstein) pose a threat to their relationship? Keep reading...

I love that it only took a few fancy coats for Abby/Gabby to turn right into Olivia Pope.
[Laughs] I know! You know, it took her a couple of minutes to actually get her Pope on. At first she kind of failed miserably because the White House children won't listen to her, but by the end she was doing political operative things. She succeeded. And at the end, with that speech she gave to Olivia, she kind of Olivia Pope'd Olivia Pope.

She really did!

At this point, I think Abby has the strongest moral compass of all of the Gladiators.
Well she always has… she's always been one who has very strong sense of right and wrong, very black and white. She is the moral compass, I'd say, of Olivia and of the office – of the whole show, really. She seems to be the only one who hasn't murdered someone or gotten embroiled in some sort of big time lying. I mean, stealing a little Cytron card is one thing, but that was for OIivia. [Laughs.] It'll be really interesting and fascinating to see where the "Scandal" writers and Shonda Rhimes take Abby next year. There's two episodes left [in Season 3] and it only gets juicier and more intriguing with the Abby story.

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For you to point out that Abby's the only one who sees things as black and white is very telling, because it's a very grey office. The last person we thought was a good moral compass was Quinn Perkins, and, well... yeah.
Absolutely. And you know, we haven't gone into Abby's backstory, so who knows. The hints that we've had of her backstory don't point to anything grey – it's like, well she was in this horrible situation, and if anything it solidified even more for her certain values about what's right and wrong. But who knows… it's the "Scandal" writers. You can never get too comfortable and think that you know what's going on.

In one word, describe Abby's relationship with the following characters for the last two episodes of the season:
Olivia: Sister. She's loyal like a sister. I think of Olivia as being the only family that Abby really has, and she seems to keep putting her first above everything else.

Harrison: Worried. They're kind of drifting… it's not the same as it was. With what he's involved in, he only tells Abby some things. She just recently found him on the floor, drugged, she knows he's in trouble, she's lent him her gun… but she's just really worried about him. I don't think she's judging him so much at this point as she is just scolding him, like a sibling.

Huck: Weird. I mean, he helped Abby save David's life, again, but there's just always this… he's just kind of weird. There's something in this next episode… we'll see if they keep the snarky comments in, but she says a couple of things about Huck. Seriously, he's a weird guy.

Quinn: Estranged. Abby doesn't really know what's going on, she has no idea what Quinn's doing at this point. She just knows she left the office and Huck said, "You're not a Gladiator anymore, get outta here," but she doesn't know anything about B-613 or Charlie, or any of that. She learns a lot more in the last two episodes though!

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Cyrus: Disrespectful. Abby doesn't leave the White House. She's definitely continuing her new path of being a political operative, so she's back in there helping… I don't think those two have any more face-offs, but at this point, he's calling her an amateur, he's calling her Gabby. Any headway that Abby makes has nothing to do with Cyrus. He's just a child.


Normal! It's the one normal thing in her life. They are a normal – OK, semi-normal – couple. It's who she goes home to every night. He's also constantly getting himself into trouble… but it's still normal. Or I'd even say love. People keep asking me on Twitter, "Are these two tying the knot anytime soon?" That's where it feels like it's at. But let me tell you, there's too much of a mess happening in these last two episodes for there to be any attention put on a wedding. It gets so crazy.

Leo: Intrigue.

Yep! I mean, he was watching her walk away. And that look on his face! Should David be worried?
Mmmmm… maybe!

What three words would you use to describe the Season 3 finale?
Messy. Hot. Explosive.

Explosive? OK, people are gonna freak out about that, especially after that super bomb reveal.
I know! I mean, Quinn Perkins didn't do a very good job – they lost the bomb and then B-613 got shut down, so… yeah, they have a mess on their hands. Right when you think the mess is cleaned up in this next episode, it only gets worse. They end up with a bigger mess at the end of the next episode!

"Scandal" airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

 Here's a sneak peek of next week's episode, titled "Flesh and Blood":