POPsessions: 'Storage Wars' Alum Barry Weiss Shares Favorite Picks for Reading Material, Halloween Costumes, and Karaoke Song

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"Storage Wars" scene stealer — make that, series stealer — Barry Weiss has left the storage locker game, but he's not done with collectibles. In fact, he's driving all across the country to find new additions for his stash, while also putting his fellow collectors and collectible-seekers in touch, in a new A&E series called "Barry'd Treasure" (March 18, 10 p.m.).

"This is something that wasn't really a stretch for me. I did 104 'Storage Wars' shows, and I had a blast doing it, but I just kinda had enough, and I wanted to go back to doing what I was doing prior to 'Storage Wars,' which was bouncing around the country and going to [see] people's collections, going to Formula One car races — I'm very passionate about motor sports — and just bouncing around," Weiss tells Yahoo TV.

The series includes stops in Boston, Connecticut, New Orleans, Arizona, Las Vegas, and Texas, among other places, and Weiss is particularly excited about a visit to a collector in Pennsylvania whose pieces have never been filmed for TV before, but who does lend his inventory to the Smithsonian.

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"There's no script … we just make this sh-- up as we go down the road, and that's the truth," Weiss says. "And I like that fact about it. We've been all over the country, visiting people that have interesting, interesting collections. And basically, I'm acting like a broker. You're looking for some one-of-a-kind Tiffany lamp, and I know a person who has one, so I'm going to put you two together. And it's all about the fun shenanigans that ensue in putting those people together."

In honor of his new hunt for pop-culture goodies, we asked Weiss to tell us about the pop-culture he treasures, from the first movie he saw and his TV guilty pleasure to his favorite karaoke tune and his, um, interesting choice of reading material.

1. What was the first movie you saw? "Beach Bingo," or whatever the bleep that movie was called. Annette Funicello was hot stuff.

2. What movie do you absolutely always stop and watch if you see it on cable? "Austin Powers." I've seen it "one meeellion" times.

3. What movie makes you cry? "Bambi," of course.

4. Who is your TV crush? I don't have one this season.

5. What movie or TV character would you hate to be trapped in an elevator with? Kate or Jon Gosselin.

6. If you were kidnapped, what movie or TV character would you call to save you? Gary Coleman.

7. What's your TV guilty pleasure? "Cops." Love that show.

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8. What was your first concert? Beethoven. My mom dropped me off.

9. What is your karaoke song? "Friends in Low Places."

10. The Beatles or Rolling Stones? Rolling Stones.

11. What song was/would you want to play for your wedding first dance? No thanks. Her mom said it would never last, and she was a smart lady.

12. What song should they play at your funeral? "Stayin' Alive."

13. Have you ever done a choreographed dance from a music video? No, but I've done The Tebow!

14. What book changed your life? I don't know about books, but I once read a pamphlet about STDs that scared the crap out of me.

15. What website do you visit when no one is watching? I plead the Fifth.

16. Did you have a poster of a celeb on your wall as a kid/teen? Evel Knievel and Shirley Temple.

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17. Has another celeb ever made you starstruck when you met them? Nah, I like or dislike everyone the same way. Doesn't matter if you're Joe Biden or Joe Schmoe.

18. Have you ever dressed as a celeb for Halloween? I dressed as ["Storage Wars" star] Brandi Passante last year.

19. What's your favorite quote from a movie, TV show, book or song? "It puts the lotion in the basket!"

"Barry'd Treasure" airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on A&E.

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