The 'Parks and Recreation' Cast Talks Chris Pratt's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Abs

Chris Pratt's role as Andy Dwyer on "Parks and Recreation" has always played on Pratt's... let's call it jovial physicality. But since Pratt was cast in Marvel's big summer blockbuster, "Guardians of the Galaxy," he's been sporting a much fitter frame.

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That's a nice way of saying the guy is ripped. Seriously. Look at the man:

We caught up with Pratt and his pals from Pawnee at "Parks and Recreation's" PaleyFest event in Hollywood, and Nick Offerman, Adam Scott, Retta, Jim O'Heir, Ben Schwartz, and Billy Eichner were all game to talk about their resident lovable loser's new superhero abs.

Watch Pratt and the "Parks and Rec" gang talk about his superhero abs:

Pratt has admitted to losing quite a bit of weight to play the lead role of Star-Lord for "Guardians of the Galaxy," but it's not the first time he has yo-yo'd a bit for the big screen: Pratt gained weight to portray real-life Oakland A’s baseball player Scott Hatteberg for 2011's "Moneyball," then lost quite a bit of weight for 2012's "Zero Dark Thirty," then packed on 60 pounds to play Vince Vaughn's buddy in "Delivery Man" before taking this role in 2013.

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"I just like to gain weight and lose weight," Pratt told Vulture. "It’s a rollercoaster."

"Parks and Recreation" allowed Pratt time to shoot the movie, writing in a nice excuse for why Andy would be gone for a while. They also acknowledged his new look in "Parks and Recreation's" Season 6 premiere back in September, and the reason for the dramatic weight loss was so perfectly Andy: He told Ben (Adam Scott) that he lost 50 pounds in a month by simply giving up beer. Watch the clip here:

But in real life (or at least on his Instagram), Pratt admitted that it was more like six months without beer when he posted this selfie last July.

"I had to do reshoots just recently so I had to lose, like, 20 pounds for the reshoots, which ended yesterday," Pratt revealed to Yahoo TV on Tuesday, admitting that he'd gained back some of the weight since they first wrapped the movie. "So I'm still hanging onto it for a while... but not for long," Pratt said, joking that "there's gonna be a lot more man here standing in front of you" in six more months.

"He's a freak! Plus he was fat before he got them," O'Heir said, referring to Pratt's abs. "So he literally made it all go away, and then... I don't get it. I don't get it! I think it's the devil. A deal with the devil."

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"He is not messing around!," Retta said with a laugh. "He's like, I am action hero all the way."

So is he planning on maintaining his superhero physique, or will he pack on some more weight again indulging with his wife and fellow foodie Anna Faris?

"As soon as I make enough money to get enough land and enough food and a big enough trailer to satisfy my wife, you will never see me again and I will get to be 500 pounds," Pratt said. "You might see me again on, like, an A&E show about people who can't leave their trailers... like they have to be cut out of their trailers, buried in a piano case. That's me."

"Parks and Recreation" airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on NBC; "Guardians of the Galaxy" opens nationwide on Aug. 1.