Must-Watch Moments From the 'Walking Dead' PaleyFest NY Panel

·Claudine Zap

Hordes of the undead. Gore and guts. Post-apocalypse drama. The Walking Dead fans are counting down the hours till the hit show's Season 5 premiere on Sunday, Oct. 12. (The second half of the season picks up on Feb. 8.) To get us in the zombie-fighting mood, the PaleyFest's Walking Dead panel convened on Saturday in New York City for a lively discussion of what the future holds for Rick and his band of survivors.

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The event was a superfun one for fans. (It's official: Norman Reedus is adorable!) But the panel remained tight-lipped with spoilers. Producer Scott Gimple did have this warning for viewers of tomorrow night's episode: Like swimming, wait 90 minutes after you eat before you watch. And you should probably keep children out of the room for the first eight minutes. Consider yourselves warned.

What we learned:

Beth is alive! Maggie's sister, played by Emily Kinney, escaped the blood bath at the prison with Daryl, only to be mysteriously nabbed against her will. The trailer hinted at this, but we'll learn more about her whereabouts, which seems less than ideal, this season.

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Expect to meet new faces in Season 5. There will be a mix between Walking Dead comic book characters and some new ones created for the TV series popping up this season.

All your questions about Terminus will be answered in the premiere. Just as the characters worked so hard to get to that supposed place of salvation-turned-nightmare in Season 4, we deserve answers as much as they do.

There are still more ways to kill a walker. As many times as you've seen the undead slashed, shot, and severed, the creative kill juices have yet to be exhausted.

Watch the full Walking Dead PaleyFest NY 2014 panel:

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. on AMC.