Exclusive First Look at USA's 'Dig'

USA's Dig is a huge event series for the network, premiering this fall, and Yahoo TV has the exclusive first look at the very first trailer, featuring footage from the show.

Dig stars Jason Isaacs as Peter Connelly, an FBI agent stationed in Jerusalem who uncovers a 2,000-year-old conspiracy while investigating the murder of a young archaeologist. Anne Heche stars as Peter's boss (and lover) Lynn Monahan, the head of the FBI offices in Jerusalem. Lauren Ambrose, David Costabile, Regina Taylor, Alison Sudol, Omar Metwally, Richard E. Grant, and Ori Pfeffer also star.

The series just started production on location in Jerusalem on June 1, so this is an exciting look at their first weeks in production, which the series co-creators tease will only get more intense.

"I think Dig presents a chance for viewers to have real thrill ride," co-creator and executive producer Tim Kring (of Heroes fame) told Yahoo TV. "Any viewer that likes murder mysteries, suspense, exotic locations, and likes to participate in solving a big puzzle will gravitate to Dig. The show is going to be fast-paced, it’s going to be sexy, and it’s going to be an adventure.”
And co-creator Gideon Raff, best known for creating award-winning Israeli drama Prisoners of War, which was adapted for Showtime as a little show called Homeland, teases that the limited series is still very much based in reality. “You’ll be amazed at how much the story is based on real theories and findings," Raff told Yahoo TV. "Naturally we heightened it to make a TV show but that is the cool thing about the world we tapped into — it will truly be a unique show."

Take a look and tell us: Are you excited for Dig?

Dig premieres this fall on USA.