2014 April Fools' Jokes of the Musical and Famous

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April Fools' Day in the music world was pretty dull this year, save for just one pretty cool stunt from the Flaming Lips. The boys from One Direction made a good effort to create a funny video, but otherwise, fans had to settle on a few lackluster tweets. Though Justin Bieber teased that "no one is safe," by 10 p.m. Eastern time no signs of any shenanigans from the bad boy had surfaced.

Here's a roundup of the April Fool's activities we did find:

1. Flaming Lips Recorded Fake Album and Promo Campaign

No musicians came close to the Flaming Lips' major Funny or Die prank. The psych-rockers considered sacrificing theit credibility for more fame and riches; recorded an album "Flaming Side of the Moon";  spoofed a conference-room meeting with clueless execs; jammed with Fred Armisen; created a fake sci-fi trailer for their album "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots"; and even coined some pretty cool Flaming Lips money-makers, like Chapstick, dog bed, cereal, and even charcoal. Good one, Lips!


2. One Direction Endure Photographer From Hell

It was clear from the beginning that One Direction's photo shoot for their fragrance That Moment was all in fun. The men behind the lens – Girolle and his assistant, barefoot "fragrance visualization expert" Rochelle – were like characters from a Sacha Cohen Baron movie. Girolle had fake facial hair, excessive exposed chest hair, spoke in a thick accent, and didn't know the fundamentals of photography. During the six-minute clip, Girolle gave bad (but funny) instructions and took photos that were even worse.

3. Was Lance Bass's Joke Really a Wish?

Former 'N Syncer Lance Bass got some fans excited on Tuesday when he tweeted that he, Justin Timberlake, J.C. Chasez, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick would be reuniting again. He claimed that two new songs and a tour were coming in 2015. But those who remembered that their brief performance with Justin at the 2013 VMAs barely lasted two minutes knew that this was just one big joke.

4. A Mixtape From LeBron is Plausible

Over the years, we've heard LeBron James drop a rhyme or two, and he actually isn't bad. So when he announced that he would be releasing soon a mixtape featuring his friends Jay Z, Drake, Rick Ross, Kendrick, and others, we wanted to believe it. But, as he later revealed, he was simply pulling our legs.

5. Lil Wayne's Prank Doesn't Really Count

Lil Wayne knew his fans might overreact if they actually believed that he was retiring, especially since they've been waiting for the highly-anticipated, recently delayed "The Carter V" to drop. So his April Fools' tweet was a bit of a dud.

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