Nicki Minaj Trades Music for Movies in 'The Other Woman'

She doesn't just dance on the line of propriety — she stomps all over it.

So it should come as no surprise that outrageous rapper (and former "American Idol" judge) Nicki Minaj is giving similarly outrageous advice in her first major, live-action movie, "The Other Woman."

The 31-year-old performer, known for her frenetic, otherworldly rhymes and her seemingly never-ending supply of bright, gravity-defying wigs, plays opinionated assistant Lydia to Cameron Diaz's corporate exec Carly in the comedy about three women scorned by the same man.

Both women are well versed in the ways of men, but Carly (Diaz) draws the line at married men.

Lydia (Minaj), we learn, does not...

When Carly finds out she's been dating a married guy, Lydia doesn't even blink before suggesting she should battle it out with the wife for his hand. "You don't think you can take her?" she asks Carly.

Lydia then makes her case to Carly for infidelity — something Minaj's character is familiar with. "You wrecked two marriages," Carly points out.

"I think married guys would be the perfect fit for you," Lydia tells her blonde, modelesque boss.

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While Carly resolutely disagrees, Lydia gets the last, rather immoral, word in. "I'll tell you what my mother said — and these are words to live by: Selfish people live longer."

Oh my.

Minaj, who voiced a wooly mammoth in "Ice Age: Continental Drift," has only appeared in one other live-action film prior to "The Other Woman" — a very little-known 2010 indie drama called "Stuck on Broke." (We're guessing she wouldn't mind if we all forgot about that debut as her novice acting chops are quite noticeable in it.)

"The Other Woman," also starring Leslie Mann and Kate Upton, opens April 25.

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