The Story Behind Angelina Jolie's Golden Globe Pool Plunge

·Claudine Zap

It was the splash seen 'round the Web: In 1999, Angelina Jolie, celebrating her Golden Globe win for "Gia," jumped into the Beverly Hilton pool, and pulled an "Access Hollywood" field producer in with her.

Now, 15 years later, we dive in with producer Jeremy Louwerse for the behind-the-scenes story.

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Louwerse, who is now the executive producer of the "NFL AM" show, has covered a lot of big stories, including the O.J. Simpson trial and the Super Bowl. "But everybody wants to know the story of Angelina Jolie," he told Yahoo in a phone call from his office in Culver City.

Louwerse said his "Access Hollywood" executive producer told him to stay a little longer than usual "to see if Angelina Jolie would jump in the pool."

The request wasn't completely out of left field. Jolie had announced her intention to take the plunge earlier on the red carpet and at the press conference after her win.

"She looked fantastic that night. It was a great assignment to have," Louwerse said.

"So I planted myself at the Miramax party, where she was. I was having a good time myself." When he noticed Jolie leaving by a side door, he ran to ask her about her pool plans. She promised to return for a dip, then sped away in a limo.

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He worried it wouldn't happen. But just in case, Louwerse sent his TV crew to wait near the pool with a walkie-talkie. Sometime after midnight, he got the call: She's down here, swimming.

He sprinted across the hotel to the pool. There, he found Jolie submerged, still wearing a dress, while some of her friends and her brother looked on. Louwerse thinks he spotted the Coen brothers nearby, too.

"She was trying to get me in the pool. She was trying to get everyone in the pool. But no one would get in the pool. Finally, she grabbed onto my arm, and I fell in."

As the video shows, after the plunge the two chatted in the pool, with Louwerse still in a tux, Jolie in a gown. The producer said he just stayed focused on his job. "I was just trying to get the best interview I could and praying that the mike still worked." It didn't. The waterlogged equipment was ruined, he said. "The sound you hear is from a boom mike."

In the end, the "Access Hollywood" reporter got his tape. "I did about a three-minute interview. Afterward, she suggested we go swimming, so we did and had a gulp of champagne — then [we] both got out of water and someone threw us some towels."

Assignment very accomplished.

"When I walked into the office the next day, I got a standing ovation," Louwerse recalled.

The 43-year-old, a veteran of ESPN and "Entertainment Tonight," said he never talked to the movie star again. "I've always kind of wanted to relive … that with her, but our paths haven't crossed that way again."

Louwerse is no longer jumping into swimming pools to chase after stars. "We all grow up, and careers take you to different places. Now I'm in charge of a whole show. There's not much swimming with movie stars," he said. "It still is my only interview that I conducted in a swimming pool."