Yahoo Celebrity's Best Person on the Internet This Month: How Prince George Won April

Prince George and his mom (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

He's the people's prince.

Prince George had us at hello when he touched down in Wellington, New Zealand, on April 7, to embark on his first official royal tour. The chubby cheeked royal became the talk of the Internet and Twitter's biggest star during the three-week jaunt with his parents, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.


Since he's only 9 months old, let's face it — he's not able to do a whole lot outside of being cute. But based on that fact alone, the future king of England inspired dozens of GIFs, memes, and #Prince George photos, and received an overwhelming number of votes via Twitter when we asked our followers who they thought deserved the title of Yahoo Celebrity's Best Person on the Internet This Month. Check out 8 adorable reasons why P.G. owned April.

1. He had his very first playdate — and apparently takes after his Uncle Harry. His playdate in New Zealand at Government House led to an explosion of tweets and headlines like "Prince George's Royal Girlfriend." Puh-lease. George doesn't need a girlfriend when the ladies are already scrambling in their nappies to be in his presence.

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2. Of course, he only has room for one lady in his life at the moment: his mother, Kate. Photographer Simon Woolf revealed that the Duchess's favorite pic of her son was a shot of little George resting his head on her shoulder. "She said it was just lovely and that it was her favorite photo of the tour," Woolf told reporters according to E! News. He added that he gave Kate a black-and-white print of the shot before she and her boys headed back to England.

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3. Like any good prince, he greeted his subjects with a nice handshake.

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4. And he accepted their gifts… kinda.


5. He gave Grumpy Cat a run for his money.

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6. He's already mastered the stiff upper lip, like his predecessors.
Taking a page from his namesake King George, Prince George has already perfected his stone-cold look. He's not grumpy (like a cat), he's just practicing putting on a stern royal face. Can't you see the resemblance in mannerisms between Colin Firth in "The King's Speech" and little P.G.?

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7. Like his mama, he's a trendsetter. Folks, you're looking at a style icon in the making. Mothers clamored to get their hands on George's rompers and bloomers — yes, bloomers! His royal threads, including his sailboat romper from retailer Annafie, have been back ordered up to two months.

8. He's the King of the Internet ...

Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images