From Ali to Za: The Definitive Guide to Justin Bieber's Inner Circle

Justin Bieber's legal troubles have grown — and so has his posse.

Over the last year, the Canadian crooner's inner circle has expanded to include a host of new pals. And while membership in Justin's posse has its privileges — parties at his mansion, use of his fancy cars, private plane travel — some of his new friends also been pulled into Bieber's legal woes.

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So to help keep all the "Boyfriend" singer's peeps straight (many of them have nontraditional names or nicknames, making it even more confusing), we break down the list of who's who in Bieberland…

The Advisors
After the 19-year-old's Miami Beach arrest, he resurfaced in Panama, where his brain trust held a Biebervention.
Scooter Braun: Only 32, Scooter (real name: Scott Braun) is not a Muppet. He's Justin's manager and trusted advisor. The talent agent discovered the "Baby" singer when was just 12, coming across a YouTube video of the young talent covering a Ne-Yo song.

Usher: The "Yeah" singer is Justin's mentor — and boss. Scooter and Usher signed him to their Raymond Braun Media Group (RGMG) and helped secure him a recording contract with L.A. Reid at Island Def Jam Records.

Ryan Good: He went from being Usher's assistant to a stylist, and was later responsible for transforming Justin's look on his road to stardom. Ryan, who's dating "Pretty Little Liars" actress Ashley Benson, was dubbed JB's "swagger coach," then became his road manager, and is now more of a confidante, calling the teen his "little brother."

The Lils
Over the past year, Justin seems to have developed an affinity for friends with "lil" in their name.
Lil Za: The aspiring rapper (real name: Xavier Smith) is a party pal and roomie. When police searched Justin's Calabasas, California, manse following egg-gate, Za, who has a song called "Gangsta S--t," was the only one arrested. In addition to being charged with felony drug possession, he was hit with property damage after allegedly ripping a phone off the wall in jail, so he also has a bit of a temper.

Lil Twist: Another rapper hopeful (real name: Christopher L. Moore), he's signed to Lil Wayne's label. Twist was a player in Justin's pot and sizzurp controversies last year. "The Golden Child" singer also had a couple fender benders in the star's hot rides, including Justin's $100,000 chrome Fisker Karma. Once the star's constant companion (they called their posse Wild Kidz), he seems to have become a little less popular recently.

Khalil: When Justin was arrested in Miami Beach, it stemmed from him allegedly drag racing with Khalil (full name: Khalil Sharief), who is also on Island Def Jam. Khalil, who was also charged with DUI, was with Justin in the now infamous pic of them getting, um, personal with a stripper.

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Lil Scrappy: When Justin touched down in Miami, he and his posse received an unlawful police escort to make it to a very important event: Lil Scrappy's birthday party at a strip club. It was at the rapper's (real name: Darryl Kevin Richardson II) bash where Bieber and Khalil were snapped with the topless dancer.

Lil Wayne: Bieber, who reportedly wants to jump from pop star to rapper (will "Bizzle" really be his rapper name?!), loves Lil Wayne. During the Miami trip, he gave the famed rapper/label head (real name: Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.) a shout out for letting him use his private skateboarding park. They recently collaborated on the song "Backpack," which is on Justin's latest album, "Journals."

The Others
OK, so not all of his friends have names with "lil" in them.
Ryan Butler: Hailing from Stratford, Ontario, he has been friends with Justin since they were 5. He was with the star on his recent ski trip in Colorado, when the "Boyfriend" singer spelled his initials in the snow with his urine stream.

Chaz Somers: He's also a Stratford pal and traveled with the pop star a lot during his Believe World Tour. We're sure he too has Bieber-urine tales, but none that we know of so far.

Maejor Ali: The Biebs likes the producer/rapper so much that he performed on Maejor's track "Lolly" last year and appeared shirtless (of course!) in the video. Maejor, who is often seen in Justin's Instagram stream, also produced the young star's "Believe" song, "One Love."

Pooh Bear: Also a producer/pal, Pooh Bear (real name: Jason Boyd) denied reports that he was the star's drug runner. They've been working together since early 2013, often with Boyd accompanying Bieber aboard his private jet to stops including, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Rio de Janeiro. As in — the crazy South American leg of Bieber's tour.

The Ladies
While Beliebers like to think Bieber's heart belongs to them, it seems otherwise engaged.
Chantel Jeffries: The aspiring model, who's signed with Wilhelmina in Miami, was with him the night of his DUI arrest. The Kim Kardashian lookalike, who is also an eyebrow expert (really!) and gives brow grooming tutorials on Instagram, then traveled with him to Panama, where the Biebervention took place. She was also with him in Atlanta for his shirtless clubbing session with Diddy.

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Selena Gomez: Although they called off their long-term relationship, the on-again/off-again pair was seen zipping around his neighborhood on Segways in January. Around the same time, he posted a photo of them hugging on Instagram with the pining caption: "Love the way you look at me." They haven't been seen together since her rehab stint, but we suspect it isn't completely over.

Jacque Rae Pyles: Justin apparently has a hard time quitting his exes. In September, he was seen with Jacque at a fashion show and in Las Vegas. Initially linked in 2009, they started spending a lot of time together, then just as abruptly stopped.

The Fam
Throughout Bieber's last year of drama, it's often been asked: Where are his parents? The truth is, they're often along for the wild ride.
Pattie Mallette: A teen mom, she never married Jeremy Bieber (they ended their romantic relationship when Justin was 10-months-old) and worked two to three jobs to put food on the table for her only child. She's since written about her difficult single mom experience in a best-selling memoir and makes appearances as a motivational speaker. She pops up here and there during her son's global travels and seems to get along with her ex.

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Jeremy Bieber: Like his son, he's a huge tattoo lover — and brought Justin to get his first ink. Jeremy -- who has two young children, Jaxon and Jazmyn, with Erin Wagner and still lives Canada -- is often on the road with Justin … not that it seems to halt any hijinks. He was in Miami during the teen's arrest and reportedly refused to stop smoking pot on Justin's now notorious Flight 420 to New Jersey for the Super Bowl.

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Jaxon and Jazmyn Bieber: These two little bits of cuteness are Justin's half-siblings. When he's in Canada visiting his father, he often sweetly dotes on them. He posts pics of them sleeping or playing — showing a true sincerity. The wee ones also visit him on tour and fun family vacations, and Jaxon has hit the red carpet with his brother, too.