Fighting Over Quilts?! Michael Moore's Divorce Gets Extra Messy

Kathleen Glynn and Michael Moore (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)
Kathleen Glynn and Michael Moore (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

It seems the controversy surrounding Michael Moore isn't limited to his films — his personal life is in a state of emergency as well. His divorce from Kathleen Glynn has been contentious from the start, but as the trial date approaches, things have gotten extra messy between the two former loves.

But what are they fighting about, exactly? So. Many. Things.

First up is perhaps the most basic: when they actually separated. According to court documents, Moore claims they split nearly four years ago, in August 2010, while Glynn says the pair only parted last June, when Moore filed for divorce in a Michigan Circuit Court. That's a discrepancy of almost three years.

Next, there's the issue of their careers. During happier times, Glynn produced several of Moore's famed documentaries, including Fahrenheit 9/11, which happens to be the highest grossing doc of all time. In a nutshell, she plans to call experts who will testify to Moore's ability to continue to earn the big bucks as well as assess the value of her ex's highly trafficked website. For his part, Moore plans to call Hollywood power players like agents Ari Emanuel and Morton Janklow to argue on behalf of his interests. While it's unknown exactly what these bigwigs are going to do for the activist, it's fair to assume they're going in with their (proverbial) guns blazing.

All that pales in comparison, however, to the sprawling mansion in Torch Lake, which we're pretty sure Moore wishes he could just burn to the ground at this point. (He can't.) Still, he's doing everything in his power to distance himself from that piece of architecture. Citing "massive cost overruns," he argues that the home cost five times what his ex claimed it would and caused significant financial strain. His filings also include six scathing stories published in 2011 about the residence, which attack the filmmaker for this display of wealth and, in one way or another, call him a hypocrite.

Moore does acknowledge that he signed many of the checks related to the property, but he swears he only did this to help his ex after she told him she was having money troubles back in 2011 (which, to be clear, would be after they had split, according to Moore's timeline). Regardless of the circumstances that led him to handling these checks, he firmly pins the blame on Glynn, referring to the residence as "her Torch Lake home" in the docs.

Other points of contention include (but are not limited to): every single vacation Glynn has taken since 2009, whether Glynn ever hired a private investigator to follow Moore while they were still married, and what quilts Glynn currently has in her possession. Yes, they are fighting over quilts.

We'll have to wait and see how this shakes out, but one thing we do know: It's not going to be a Hollywood ending for anyone — except, maybe, the lawyers.